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June 17, 2015



It’s so interesting what happens when you fuck your childhood crush.


Whether it be the captain of the football team from 8th grade or the artsy, emo guy from college, the point becomes real interesting.

Somehow after years of silence and missed connections I found myself laying in bed with one of my long time crushes. He was initially the guy I thought I might marry. Mind you, I thought this when I was twelve years old. I even thought at twelve that he’d be the first guy I would ever kiss and have sex with.

None of those things happened as I fantasized. Life got real REAL! We changed. Our situations altered. Ummm...well, we grew the fuck up....separately.

Even still, years later, post college graduation circa 2007, with my former roommates in the living room, I found myself laying in bed with him talking about our past. We had "randomly" ran into each other weeks prior and e...

June 16, 2015

Simple rules to dressing like a gentleman.


June 15, 2015

Chemistry is an interesting and fascinating thing. You can’t plan for it. You can’t anticipate it. No matter who a person is, what they do, what they believe and where they are in life…. Chemistry is Chemistry.

Chemistry is like truth. It simply is.


You can choose to live in that chemistry

Or you can repress it.

Or deny it.

Or lick the fuck out of it.

What you can’t do is fake it or make it.

I’ve met men that had it all going for them and they were handsome, tall and well endowed but none of that makes up for chemistry. Mental chemistry. Sexual chemistry. Raw, dripping, sensual, all encompassing chemistry.

I never know when it will happen either. I don’t set out to experience it. I just find that without any notice, I’m standing before someone and my skin is on fire to be connected to theirs.

I’m drawn in.

I’m yearning.

I’m wanting.

And beyond that I’m inspired, ignited and excited.


June 15, 2015


Spice up your life heat up your summer




"Can we just have a ice fight with our tongue on a hot summer day"



June 12, 2015

For the next 60 days I will be sharing a chapter a day of my first POP EROTICA novel.  Bang Bang Bang, A summer of sin in Brooklyn. 



Chapter Eighteen


By mid-afternoon Sophie was bored.  Max was passed out on the couch.  He was nursing a slight headache.  He had all the blinds closed.  She did not want to disturb him.  Her mind ran on Meghan.  She paused for a moment and took a deep breath as she decided to call.

   “Hey Sophie how are you?”  Meghan was a little hesitant.  She and Sophie had not spoken about what had happened at Outpost.  They had spoken a few times since but avoided the issue.

   “What are you doing today?  We should hang out, talk, and by the way thank you so, so much for recommending that therapist.”  Sophie sounded happy and free, not like her regular controlled self.

   “She’s amazing right?”...

June 11, 2015

For the next 60 days I will be sharing a chapter a day of my first POP EROTICA novel.  Bang Bang Bang, A summer of sin in Brooklyn. 



Chapter Seventeen


Brenton walked sluggishly down Lafayette toward his apartment, he lived at 139 Emerson, in a penthouse apartment with a sweeping vista.  From his roof he had a three hundred and sixty degree view of all of Brooklyn plus the Manhattan skyline.  In the summers his roof was the place for parties.  There is something magical about being on a roof in Brooklyn watching the sun set over Manhattan. 

   His head was still a little foggy.  His mouth dry and talc-like, he needed some liquids, but there were no stores close by.  He struggled on.  Then all of a sudden he felt a switch fly inside his body.  It was like his sixth sense got turned on.  It was as if he was bitten by a sensory bug, his skin prickled.  The hai...

June 11, 2015

Have you done something spontaneous with your partner today?






 "Can we just make a beautiful fruit salad and take turns telling each other what we are grateful of while feeding each other"




June 10, 2015

If you're anything like me, the word 'Diet' gives you anxiety. Personally I don't believe in diets (in fact it's a four letter word to me lol). So how do I manage to keep a flat tummy and juicy booty without dieting? Watch the video to learn how you can kiss diets goodbye forever!!!


June 10, 2015

Simple rules to dressing like a gentleman.

 How to tie a bow tie.



Here is a video we snatched from youtube.



June 10, 2015


I want to share some of my thoughts about the nature of loving and fucking, as I see it.


You know what I'm talking about right. When some people get all soft eyed and say, "We made love." Or when others say with power, "We Fucked!"


Listen, when I hear the term “making love,”,I’m usually baffled. I know for some it conjures up romance, sweet nothings and silk sheets but to hear someone say that they are “making love” is like hearing someone say that they are “making truth.” Truth is truth. It can’t be made. Either it is or it isn’t. There aren’t any tricks to truth. You can't "make" it.


In my opinion, love is the same way. You can not make love. Just as you can’t “make energy,” you can’t “make love.”


When poeple say that, are they trying to describe the fact that their lover licked their nipples instead of biting them? How is one any less loving than the other? 


What it boils down...

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