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June 8, 2015


One night, because my cycle wanted to fuck with me and I did not have any Instead Softcups and I just cannot fuck a man while blood is dripping down my vagina...screw whatever they say about using a "towel"....because what does that even mean. How does the towel even stay in place? Are people having easy, contained sex in one spot on their bed? Is it the largest towel in the world. My sex is wild. We end up off the bed and on counters and against walls and on the floor and....


I digress.


Let me begin again.


One night, because my cycle wanted to fuck with me, I could not fuck my main lover. Instead, what we both did was fuck with his cock. For a long time. For such a long time that the thought of sucking anything the next day made my mouth hurt. Possibly because my mouth, jaw and tongue actually hurt from sucking, kissing, licking and touching his cock.


This is no complaint.


That particular...

May 15, 2015



We were parked on some random suburban street and couldn’t be bothered going into the house. The sexual tension between him and I was so thick, it led to me doing things I wouldn’t normally do. Hand jobs in a book store. Blow jobs in a laundry mat. Sex in a storage unit. I just didn’t give a fuck. It could have been my age. My hormones. Or simply my love. Either way, when the sexual chemistry reached a point of no return, it did not matter where we were. We had to have it each right in that moment.


So there we were…parked in a car on some random suburban street.  He had just turned the car off but did not immediately unlock the door. Instead he looked me deep in the eye.

“I want to watch you touch yourself,” he whispered.


I did a double take. I was always willing with him. Willing to do whatever whenever. But for someone who barely masturbates, I was taken aback by his request.


“Yes. I wan...

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November 23, 2017

November 8, 2017

November 8, 2017

March 12, 2017

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