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July 2, 2015


I like foreplay.

It feels good.

While a big, thick, throbbing dick pulsating in and out of my body feels good, its not a sustainable pleasure.

I know the friction enables release but after two minutes it does nothing for me.

So I need foreplay...

I need “during” play.....

I need AFTER play!


I don’t want you to touch my panties until I’m dripping wet. DON’T DARE.


Kiss every surface of my skin. You are discovering a new world. After or before you kiss me, touch every surface and/or lick every surface.

Use textures, temperatures, words and breathe.

My siren has to rise out. Can you move her? Can you command her and bid her near? She’s not located in my vagina. FIND HER.

Uncoil the kundalini inside me.

Don't even show yourself until I’m begging for you to be inside of me.

Make me beg and plead on bended knee.

Can you make me beg?

Make me seduce you and prove how much, how hard and how long I want you.



June 28, 2015

 Originally written in 2012 




He told me the movie “Secretary” was important to his life.

I promptly agreed to date him.


The conversations, the laughter, the meals are all of no consequence. Perhaps the only purpose to highlight it, would be that there was a connection.


He was quirky, eccentric, honest, straight forward with a very dirty minded streak. He kept inching closer to find my boundaries. He was giving and never turned down a chance to look me directly in the eye.


When given the option, “Do you want another drink, or….," ... I opted for the "or.”

Hours later, my hands and feet were in restraints, a rope pinned me down, a speculum was in my vagina and there was a bar between my legs.

There was also the multiple spankings throughout my entire body with the riding crop.

There was the choking. The slapping. The biting.

There were nipple clamps and another clamp on my clit.

I had NEVER...

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November 23, 2017

November 8, 2017

November 8, 2017

March 12, 2017

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