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June 4, 2016


Recently, I shared part one in the story of my threesome. It's time I share the rest of what happened once Beth introduced me to her husband Derek as his 40th Birthday gift, right before our dinner at Beauty and Essex.


Dinner was pretty standard. In the sense that we were at a restaurant and ate food. (It also happens to be one of my Top 10 Sexy Places to Dine in NYC). However, in retrospect, I wonder what those around us must have thought. After ordering nearly everything on the menu…. I do recommend everything on the menu,  Derek and Beth changed our seating arrangements. They wanted to sit in a booth. They wanted close proximity. SO they sat me between them, and they both scooted in real close to me. There was no space between us all. Unless they were eating, their hands were on me. The waitress raised an eyebrow but didn't ask questions.


“You're beautiful. I love your hair.”



February 22, 2016

Did you go to the Art of Fellatio Live Event? It kicked off the 2016 season in the Queen City Charlotte, NC. Both woman and couples gathered to receive first hand from the Head Mistress.


Nikeema Lee, The Sweet Spots very own resident sexpert, hosted this year’s first event to a sold out audience. This included eager learners from as far as Columbia, SC.

For some not even an 3 hour traffic delay prevented them from learning better ways to perfect this art form. It was a great and fun night. If you attended please post your photos and share your experience.


All I can say is that this event was a dream comes true. Thank you all who attended. Secure your seat at the next event The Art of Fellatio










The best organic solutions to intensify your orgasm

Here are the best ORGANIC ways to intensify your Orgasm.

So many women today are having sexual experiences with no climax or achievement of pleasure. Sex is dull, boring and you’ve quietly settling for unsatisfying and disappointing encounters. Having an orgasmic experience during sex is what I call an Universal Truth, something that is absolute. Orgasms should be rich, powerful and consistent. They should impact your daily thoughts and motivate you to new heights. Striving for a fuller orgasmic experience is okay. However in today’s world, toxic creams and unknown foreign objects just don’t cut it. Today’s woman seeks for natural remedies to improve orgasmic bliss.


Here are a few organic ways you can help your body intensify your orgasm.

  • Water (Hydration)

    • Water is the key to life. Our bodies are made up of 80% water however our...

July 30, 2015



The Blowjob


There isn’t a man alive who wouldn’t sell his soul for an amazing blowjob. You may feel that you already have a killer head game, and I have no doubt you do, however you may read on and find a few tips that will help catapult your mic skills to new heights. My latest book “Dr.” Lee’s Ultimate Guide to a Rockstar Sexlife, gives you tools and tips you can use to enhance your sexual experience. If you’re a beginner, read the tips and choose two or three suggestions you would like to try. Remember not every tip, tool and technique is for you and will bring pleasure to your partner, so try them all and PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.




Studies have proven that women who perform fellatio at least 2-3 times a week live a longer life. Now experts can’t determine whether it’s the act itself or the heartfelt enjoyment that leads to a longer life. I believe in the latter. I beli...

June 25, 2015


Another letter written to a lover because I like for them to know exactly how I feel.




Dear Lover,


You should know that when you walk up behind me, with your hand at my waist and kiss me just so on my neck…. I like that.

When you watch me as I bend over….I like that.

When you greet me with a kiss….I like that.

When you nibble on my ass….I like that.

When you collapse on top of me, while still in me after an orgasm…I like that.

When you devour me with reckless abandon….I like that.

When you smile….I like that.

When you push your pelvis against my ass while we’re both fully clothed….I like that.

When you lick and bit your lips as I kiss your cock….I like that.

When you have to walk down the hallway naked because we left our clothes in the living room….I like that.

When you moan….I like that.

When you’re on top of me, deep within me and then you take your hand, grab my waist and pull me closer to you t...

June 22, 2015


A few years back I dated the most dapper pilot I've ever seen in my life. Here's an excerpt from one of our encounters.


He told me that sex was an 11 course meal. He said that he liked to take his time and devour.


I thought the kisses on my neck and his hand up my thigh was at least round one as we ate dinner in the West Village. I should have known I was in for it when the evening included oysters and champagne.

A few hours later, we sat in his kitchen drinking his homemade hot chocolate. The recipe is to DIE FOR. He began planting kisses upon my neck, my hands, my hair.


“I love how your hair smells,” he said tugging it a little. Oh lord!

“Thank you,” I whispered.

He grabbed my chin and turned me towards him then looked me dead in the eye. “11 courses,” he repeated.

“And which is this?” I asked. By my calculations we were on 3, maybe 4.

“This is only course number one,” he...

June 17, 2015



It’s so interesting what happens when you fuck your childhood crush.


Whether it be the captain of the football team from 8th grade or the artsy, emo guy from college, the point becomes real interesting.

Somehow after years of silence and missed connections I found myself laying in bed with one of my long time crushes. He was initially the guy I thought I might marry. Mind you, I thought this when I was twelve years old. I even thought at twelve that he’d be the first guy I would ever kiss and have sex with.

None of those things happened as I fantasized. Life got real REAL! We changed. Our situations altered. Ummm...well, we grew the fuck up....separately.

Even still, years later, post college graduation circa 2007, with my former roommates in the living room, I found myself laying in bed with him talking about our past. We had "randomly" ran into each other weeks prior and e...

June 10, 2015


I want to share some of my thoughts about the nature of loving and fucking, as I see it.


You know what I'm talking about right. When some people get all soft eyed and say, "We made love." Or when others say with power, "We Fucked!"


Listen, when I hear the term “making love,”,I’m usually baffled. I know for some it conjures up romance, sweet nothings and silk sheets but to hear someone say that they are “making love” is like hearing someone say that they are “making truth.” Truth is truth. It can’t be made. Either it is or it isn’t. There aren’t any tricks to truth. You can't "make" it.


In my opinion, love is the same way. You can not make love. Just as you can’t “make energy,” you can’t “make love.”


When poeple say that, are they trying to describe the fact that their lover licked their nipples instead of biting them? How is one any less loving than the other? 


What it boils down...

June 8, 2015


One night, because my cycle wanted to fuck with me and I did not have any Instead Softcups and I just cannot fuck a man while blood is dripping down my vagina...screw whatever they say about using a "towel"....because what does that even mean. How does the towel even stay in place? Are people having easy, contained sex in one spot on their bed? Is it the largest towel in the world. My sex is wild. We end up off the bed and on counters and against walls and on the floor and....


I digress.


Let me begin again.


One night, because my cycle wanted to fuck with me, I could not fuck my main lover. Instead, what we both did was fuck with his cock. For a long time. For such a long time that the thought of sucking anything the next day made my mouth hurt. Possibly because my mouth, jaw and tongue actually hurt from sucking, kissing, licking and touching his cock.


This is no complaint.


That particular...

June 5, 2015


Two years ago I wrote the following desire.......


I want a website and community that explores sexuality unabashedly.


I don’t want cute fluffy shit that avoids the nitty gritty.


Where is the middle world?

Where academics are discussing all the various issues of sexuality and where kinksters are letting their freak flag fly.


I want to live in that world.


Where is the raunchy yet academic community at?

Where is the fire and ice?

Where are people discussing real issues and not just sugar coating shit.


Sure I’m inspired by Susie Bright and Pamela Madsen but where are the rest of them at.


I’m a freak.

I’m a sensualist.

I like licking and I like lashes.

I like pornography.

I like musing on how sexuality opens up the doors to creative personal cultural spiritual wholeness.


I want it all.

I want to read articles o...

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