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Bang Bang Bang 3

For the next 60 days I will be sharing a chapter a day of my first POP EROTICA novel. Bang Bang Bang, A summer of sin in Brooklyn.

Chapter Three

“Yow Max what’s up?” “Nothing, just taking it easy.” “I saw I had a missed call from you, what’s poppin’ tonight?” “I was thinking about going to Vodou; just waiting for Sophie to get here. I think she is out with her girl Meghan.” “Meghan, Meghan, oh yeah that’s that half Black, half Asian chick right?” “Yeah.” “She fuckin’ hates me dude.” “Why, what happened?” “I can’t even get into it.” “Come on man, you are always holding out on the details.” “Nah, it’s fucking crazy.” “Come on man, wha’ happened? This is me!” “Shit… You can’t tell anybody though.” “Come on Brenton, you don’t even have to tell me that, I’m a lawyer, totally confidential.” “Cool, cool. Remember fourth of July when you had that party at your crib?” “Yeah.”

“You know ever since I met Meghan she was always flirting with me right?” “Yeah, but she flirts with everyone!” “And you know I don’t really mess with chicks that are too close to folks I know. That’s Sophie’s friend so for a while I was kinda trying not to fuck with her girl, but that night when she showed up in those tight ass jeans... I was like, if this bitch fuckin’ slip, I’m fucking the shit outta her.” His Caribbean accent came out. Max started laughing. He knew how notorious Brenton was. If picking up women was an art, Brenton by far was the master. He had known Brenton since they were at Syracuse. He had seen this man do things that were not supposed to be humanly possible.

Once, at school, at a sorority party, by some weird magic or voodoo or whatever it was that Brenton had; Brenton convinced ten girls to take off their tops and he ranked them in order of who he thought had the most beautiful breasts. And it wasn’t like he did it because he wanted to see their breasts; he did it because he thought it was fun. Fun. Brenton traded in fun.

He was always holding court; he was always the center of attention. He had this intangible thing that made people want to hear what he had to say. Max had always thought Brenton should have been a lawyer, but Brenton wanted none of it. Fuck being a lawyer. “So, remember when that girl came with the weed brownies, it was probably like two in the morning?” “There were weed brownies at the party that night?” “What, you didn’t have any?” “Nah, you know what – I think that’s when Sophie was acting weird, so we were in the bedroom talking.” “Dude your girl is always fucking buggin’ bro.” “Tell me about it, she thought I was trying to have sex with Amanda. I was like Amanda is my best friend’s wife, why would I try to fuck her? I think she’s trying to sabotage our relationship!” “I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but she’s crazy. I don’t even know why you’re engaged, but that’s your fiancé so… ” “I know, I know.” They were both quiet for a while, and then Brenton chimed back in. “So we were drinking and then had some brownies right, and she just kept flirting with me! And I’m trying my best to be a good citizen and shit and in the back of my mind I’m thinking, ‘that’s Sophie’s friend, if I fuck her shit is bound to get ugly.’” Max was dying laughing on the other end of the phone. “But this bitch is really coming at me! I ain’t go’ lie, I was flirting with her too, but when the brownie kicked in… dude you don’t even want to know.” “What happened, what happened?” “You know that door by the elevators that leads to the stairwell?” “Oh, no way. What!” “Yep, fucked her in the stairwell, but that’s not the crazy part. When I say the shit was insane, I mean in-fuckin-sane! When we were done I was buzzing so I was like – fuck it, I’ma walk her home.” “Where does she live?” “She lives like on Classon and St. Marks or Dean, one of them streets, I don’t really remember. It was a long walk, but because I was drunk that shit was kinda all blurry… We get to her crib right, and we in her room, and I’m in it, and I’m tearing it up, and she’s like stop, stop because her stomach is queasy from the brownies. So she goes into the bathroom and starts throwing up. I want to go help her but I am so friggin high… I had like ten drinks that night plus the brownies. I was done right.

I’m trying to get to the bathroom and end up sitting on her couch butt naked and who walks through the door? This fly ass half-drunk chick! And I’m thinking, ‘…Is that Meghan?’ I am totally naked on the couch right and this chick comes in and is like, ‘wow, is that for me?’ I was like, ‘it could be...’ And, before I could say another word, she was on my lap! She didn’t even take her clothes off, she just slid her panties to the side, stuffed me in, and was riding the fuck out of me for like, I don’t even know how long. Next thing I know, fucking Meghan is shouting all kinds of shit and chucking the girl off my dick!” “Who was the chick?” Max was dying laughing. “Turns out it was Meghan’s younger sister who was visiting her from college.” “Dude you are crazy man, fuckin’ craaaaaaazy!” “So the next day she calls me up making a fuss. All I could say was I was drunk, but I think she was mostly mad because her sister had done something like that before; maybe slept with her boyfriend or something – I don’t know.” “You fucked Meghan and her sister in the same night!” “It was totally by accident though! It’s not like I planned the shit, the shit just happened man.” “So you think she told Sophie?” “I hope she didn’t.”

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