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When You Look Good, You Feel Good. When You Feel Good, You Do Good.

Dan.dy : a man unduly devoted to style, neatness, and fashion in dress and appearance.

The Dandy Lyfe Chronicles is a blog dedicated to enhancing the image of men. Dressing for success is not just a term used on the work force but success begins with a mindset. This blog will give great tips on how to change your wardrobe in hopes of changing your life. My personal experience while touring around the country is that attire is very important! How I look on stage literally helped my book sales and bookings. Appearance is everything and the first impression could be the last impression. I will be presenting tutorials on things we dont think much about but some men just may not have been taught on how to do such as how to tie ties/bowties, how to choose what button down shirt matches yourslacks, how to detect a good quality fabric for the collar of your shirt. Little tips that can change your life such as how to fold a pocket square. Changing your outfit can literally change your whole persception on life and your career. You will walk different, talk different, and your whole dimeanor will change.

9 Points of emphasis

-Quality Style Shirts

- Ties/Bowties



-Pocket Squares

-Stylish Socks

-Classy Shoes



Are you satisfied with the image in the mirror?

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