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For the next 60 days I will be sharing a chapter a day of my first POP EROTICA novel. Bang Bang Bang, A summer of sin in Brooklyn.

Chapter Twelve

“So you are saying that Max is tired of me?” Sophie said with a look of disgust on her face.

“No I am not saying he is tired of you, he has just gotten used to you.” Her therapist spoke with a firm calm voice.

This was Sophie’s first trip to a therapist, a sex therapist at that. Meghan had convinced her so she decided she was going to give this therapy thing a test run before she got Max involved.

“So what do I do, it’s not like I can change that, because I am always going be me.”

“That’s your answer, sometimes don’t be you.” The therapist opened a hole in Sophie’s head.

“Don’t be me, what, what is that supposed to mean?”

Sophie understood but she didn’t know how to not be Sophie; the well-coiffed almost militarized personality, with every strand of hair in place, with her schedules and deadlines and meeting times always in the front of her mind. She didn’t know how to relax.

“Have you ever role played Sophie?”

“Yes, I studied theatre at Clark,” she said with an almost august sense of self.

“How about in the bedroom, have you ever role played in the bed.”

“Of course not,” she said with disgust. “The theatre is ….” She was searching for the word to describe the elevated feelings she had for the theatre.

“Sophie, use that skill and love for the theatre to save your relationship.”

Sophie was a little confused by the therapist’s statements but she was desperate.

“So what do you suggest I do?” she said quietly.

“Role play; inject a little excitement in your relationship. Be different people for him; make it your little game.” Ms. Claremont had a sly smile jammed in the corner of her mouth as she said this.

She was well put together in her skirt suit. To the untrained eye she was just another psychologist who was into books and ideas on how human beings think about things, but to the trained eye, beneath all that well manicured posterior was a woman who knew her way around a bedroom. She was a woman who was open in ways most women could not even begin to conceive.

Sophie was mulling over what Ms. Claremont said. “Make it your little game.” And Bang.

Sophie is dressed like a stripper with one leg cocked atop the arm of the couch as Max walks through the door. It is almost four in the morning. Max is still a little drunk. “This can’t be real,” he is thinking. Sophie walks toward him seductively in her crotch-less, full body, fishnet get up.

“Sophie?” Max inquired.

“Who’s Sophie?” she replied, she had become someone else. She said it so convincingly that she almost believed it. Max was turned on by the proposition. She grabbed him by the tongue of his belt and pulled him toward the couch. She barely spoke and when she did she always referred to him as Big Boy. Sophie had never been into sucking dick. But tonight Sophie was not home. She was a stripper she had hired to treat her fiancé to a good time.

She slowly used her teeth to unzip his pants. She could see the bulge getting bigger and bigger. She used her mouth to undo the button at the waist. Max was in awe.

“Where did you learn this?”

“Shhhhh.” Her head stayed in his lap as her right index finger pressed against his lips.

With that Max sat back, who was he to complain, this was not the time to ask questions. After that moment Max experienced what may have been the best blow job he had ever had. It was not so much that she sucked his dick; it was more like she made love to it.

He could not begin to think of words of appreciation, all he could think of was, “How do I return the favor?” Sophie didn’t want the favor returned. For now Max would have to owe her.

She walked toward the bedroom switching her ass, stopped in the doorway of the bedroom and called him slowly.

“You ready for round two big boy?”

The light gleaming off her ass, the seduction in her voice, the crotch-less bodysuit, this strange act, the way she switched-- all of it made Max want to fuck. Not fuck like boring everyday fuck. He wanted to fuck like new coochie fuck. Fuck like a porn star. And fuck he did.

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