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For the next 60 days I will be sharing a chapter a day of my first POP EROTICA novel. Bang Bang Bang, A summer of sin in Brooklyn.

Chapter Nineteen

“How was L.A brah?” Brenton greeted KEV as he walked in. “Shit was hot man, them dudes out there show a nigga love though, know I’m saying.”

“Shit that’s what we need man, that’s that return money, they gon’ be begging to have you back. I give it like two weeks they’ll be calling, bet.”

“Man the bitches out there are on it too man.”

“I thought your wife went with you?” Brenton asked.

“She did, but you know how we do right?” KEV was as cool as a cucumber.

He was not particularly ugly but he definitely did not get any points for looks. All his bravado and swag came from his self-belief. KEV’s wife was damn near a super model. In any other life time KEV marrying Julia would have been a genetic and statistical impossibility.

“She be watching the dick hard man.” He shook his head in disappointment. “But niggas gon’ be niggas right?”

Breton kind of smiled. The question did not need answering. Brenton thought about Emily, Ms. Dangerfield. He shook his head from side to side.

“So what’s the deal man?” KEV wanted to get down to business.

“Got this cat out of the UK wanted to do five shows. Originally he was saying one show for like fifty. I was like no I need more than fifty for KEV and he was like what if I can get you five shows could you do fifty. I was like nah, I need sixty; he was all like blah blah blah and I was like yow, call me when you wanna do business and hung up.” Brenton said all this in like nine seconds.

KEV almost jumped out of his seat. “Nigga I just did a show in L.A. for twenty grand and you turn down a nigga who is offering fifty? Plus it’s in the UK!”

Brenton was smiling. “Yow KEV, I got this, so dude calls me back in like five seconds right? We got five shows in the UK, $300, 000.”

KEV was frozen. “You ain’t fucking with me right?”

“Nah man, what the fuck kinda nigga you think I am. I do not jokes about the bread, ok.” Brenton sat back.

He was pretty proud of how far he and KEV had come. KEV stood up in all his hip hop glory, his shades, his Gucci belt, his v-neck white tee, his gold fronts, the Yankee fitted, his colorful Jordans and his almost skinny jeans and said, “Gimme some fucking love nigga.”

It was as if the Albany projects were flashing through his head. All KEV could think was, “$300,000.”

“Let me buy you a drink nigga, a sandwich something.” He wanted to show gratitude. The last thing Brenton wanted to do was have a drink or a sandwich.

Brenton changed gears in about zero seconds and speaking at the speed of light he said, “So listen, I got this sweet ass fuckin’ girl waiting for me totally naked in my bed and I would really love to have a drink with you but guess what? Never keep a naked woman waiting.”

And with that, Bang, he was out the door.

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