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Who do you have to become?

Goal setting is a pertinent part in the process of success. It serves as our very own GPS by which we navigate through our careers, and lives overall. The dexterity and direction of our personal "GPS" can often be the determining factor of just how successful we may become, yet we tend to overlook an important step when goal setting: We fail to consider who we have to become in order to reach those goals.

Think about when you've been inspired to obtain a new certification, start a new vertical in your business, or pursue a promotion. Did you consider what habits you'd have to develop and maintain to get there and stay there?

How often have you found yourself excited to start a project in the first week but then by week three you're procrastinating, telling yourself this is still what you want, when all the while you're miserable?

To ensure that your focus will not be deterred, keep in mind a few of these helpful tips:

  • Stay curious

If you want to achieve or maintain a level of success , you have to make sure your goals are just as inquisitive as you are. Explore a new area of learning in your field, or outside your field, just for your own edification. This will make sure you are constantly learning new things as you level up in your career.

  • Challenge yourself

Complacency is not your friend. It will only hinder your process in developing yur character, and your success. Becoming too attached to same old routines and methods will leave you left behind in a society that is constantly evolving. Be fearless and step up to the plate; see what you are capable of accomplishing, and if you fail, get right back to work. It's called a challenge for a reason.

  • Don't be afraid to ask for and accept help

Humans tend to be incredibly self sufficient problem solvers who'd rather figure things out on their own. It is okay to ask for help. It does not mean you are incapable of solving all problems you encounter- it just means you need to find an alternative answer. Accepting assistance can benefit your career and your goal setting immensely; it creates a more efficient, solution orientated person who can reach their goals much quicker than they initially proposed.

  • Have fun

A good rule to live by is, if you're not having fun on the way to your goal, odds are you won't be having any fun when you get there. Joy is necessary in life, albeit in your personal life, or in the workplace. If you are not enjoying the process, you will find it difficult to stick it out and appreciate the results. Make sure whatever it is you wish to accomplish brings you joy.

Do yourself a favor the next time you set a goal (in any area of life) ask yourself, "Who do I have to become to acheive this goal?", "what new habits do I have to develop and what old habits do I have to break?", "does the person I have to become align with the type of lifestyle I want to live?".

These tips, and your answers to these questions should guide you along the way to achieving that gold medal at the end of your finish line.

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