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Sartorial Gods

This year for my birthday, I decided to learn about wines, and had the perfect opportunity to do so when the entire Sweet Spot team and I went to a high-end wine bar and eatery called Cuvée.

Located in Louisville Kentucky. Cuvee is a brand new place, owned by Master Sommelier Scott Harper. (For perspective, there are only 149 professionals with the title Master Sommelier.)

The Court of Master Sommeliers was established to encourage improved standards of beverage knowledge and service in hotels and restaurants. Education was then, and remains today, the Court's charter. The first successful Master Sommelier examination was held in the United Kingdom in 1969. By April 1977, the Court of Master Sommeliers was established as the premier international examining body.

To be at a "Wine Table," for my birthday (as Cuvée is called), was pretty impressive. Plus, the service was impeccable. Our server was an expert on every wine in the bar, so it was not just a dining experience it was a learning experience.

Our server explained to us the differences in wine glasses, and why they exists. Red wine glasses are almost always a bit taller and have a larger bowl than white wine glasses. That is because reds have a bigger and bolder taste, in contrast to white, so the larger glass allows all those aromas and flavors to emerge.

During our meal, it was also revealed that to pair the perfect wine with your food, it is suggested that chardonnays pair well with fish, and cabernet sauvignon is best with red meats.

I did not know of these great tips until my trip to Cuvee, but I have gained so many more insights into wines.

For all my Sartorial Gods out there, I have an assignment for you: google your local Sommeliers and find out if they have an establishment. If so, stop in one evening or organize a special occasion to visit.

To be a Sartorial God, is to know and appreciate the finer things in life.

Wine Guide : Reds

Cuvee Wine Table

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