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Ainsley Burrows, Founder
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Ainsley Burrows, the visionary founder of The Sweet Spot Burlesque, a creation from the multi-media production company BurrowsInk, has left an indelible mark on the world of entertainment through his enthralling presence and transformative creations. As a multi-disciplinary artist, writer, and performer, Ainsley's artistic endeavors have resonated deeply with audiences around the globe.


Founding The Sweet Spot Burlesque in 2006, Ainsley has redefined the landscape of burlesque entertainment, creating a powerful platform that champions sensuality, empowerment, and inclusiveness. As the founder of this groundbreaking troupe, he has fostered a vibrant community of artists and performers who embrace the art of tease and have been captivating audiences for 17 years in 30+ cities nationwide with their mesmerizing shows and thought-provoking storytelling series exploring sensuality and Pop Erotica® acts, infused with poetic and comedic monologues.


Beyond his role as the founder of The Sweet Spot, Ainsley is a prolific author of novels, with seven books to his name - several of which are showcased during performances. His writing explores a wide range of topics, from political satire to pop erotica, delving into the complexities of the human experience and challenging societal norms. 

As a performer, Ainsley has graced stages around the world, entrancing crowds with his dynamic presence and powerful narrative. Through spoken word, theater, and burlesque, he transports audiences into a realm of artistic expression while striving to create a powerful connection inviting them to embark on a soul-stirring journey of self-discovery - questioning, reflecting, and embracing their own unique perspectives. Ainsley's performances with The Sweet Spot are a testament to his vision, offering audiences an unforgettable experience that celebrates sensuality, empowerment, and the magic of self-expression.

Laurielle Noel, CEO
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Laurielle Noel, a first-generation Haitian-American, world traveler, and passionate art enthusiast, is a driving force behind The Sweet Spot Burlesque, a creation of the multi-media production company BurrowsInk. With a remarkable career journey, Laurielle has spent the past decade performing with Sweet Spot and creating safe spaces for individuals to enjoy sex-positive "edutainment" and empowering artistic experiences.


As CEO/Accelerator and performance artist of The Sweet Spot, Laurielle has propelled the show to become the largest Black burlesque production in the country. She has led the troupe on an 11-year journey, captivating audiences in 30+ cities nationwide with this high-energy burlesque stage act known as "The Sweet Spot Burlesque”. Through their Pop Erotica® performances, infused with poetic and comedic monologues, the cast evokes nostalgic and impassioned responses while inspiring fantasies through relevant pop culture references.


Prior to her role at The Sweet Spot, Laurielle's path was shaped by her academic achievements and diverse professional experiences. She graduated from Georgetown University Law Center at the age of 23 and embarked on a successful career with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), working in both the New York and Paris offices. Her time at PwC nurtured her fluency in French and deepened her understanding of interpersonal relations.

Driven by an inner yearning for personal expression, Laurielle transitioned from the corporate world to pursue her true passions. Leaving behind a successful real estate career in New York City, she embraced her initial role as Chief Operating Officer (COO) of BurrowsInk. With her extensive background in contract writing, negotiation, business development, and administration, Laurielle plays a vital role in realizing the ambitious vision of The Sweet Spot and BurrowsInk.

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