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December 6, 2017

You may have recently, or not so recently, noticed a lot of new words being used in conversations about sexuality and gender identity. Unfortunately, some people are annoyed with the increased usage of these words and lump them into the "being politically correct" category.

Words like cisgender, ally, binary and so on... Personally, I welcome the evolution of language to include new ways of thinking, but I understand the frustration when those "in the know" are not patient with those who are just learning.

It is my mission to make sure that our citizens are in the know, so I put together a couple of resources that will help you navigate these conversations like a pro.

Check out this article for a quick list of Gender Identity Definitions:

The Gender Identity Terms You Need To Know

The GLAAD website (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) is also a great resource. They have a guide...

November 23, 2017

We all have that one friend who’s never available to attend any events or check out anything fun because they’re always working. You know who I’m talking about-- that person who left corporate to be their own boss and set their own hours. Yet, somehow they work more hours now than they did when someone else owned their time. You know that person, or even worse, you are that person.

It happens to the best of us, and I am willing to bet money that it's because that passionate, excited CEO fails to set (and stick to) boundaries for themselves.

Too often owners of small business find themselves working fifteen plus hours a day, seven days a week because of a false belief that they have to do so. They then mask their overworking as a celebrated hashtag- like #WorkHardPlayHard. This wouldn’t be that big a deal if they actually remembered to create a balance and fit in some of that "play hard"....

November 8, 2017

This year for my birthday, I decided to learn about wines, and had the perfect opportunity to do so when the entire Sweet Spot team and I went to a high-end wine bar and eatery called Cuvée.

Located in Louisville Kentucky. Cuvee is a brand new place, owned by Master Sommelier Scott Harper. (For perspective, there are only 149 professionals with the title Master Sommelier.) 

The Court of Master Sommeliers was established to encourage improved standards of beverage knowledge and service in hotels and restaurants. Education was then, and remains today, the Court's charter. The first successful Master Sommelier examination was held in the United Kingdom in 1969. By April 1977, the Court of Master Sommeliers was established as the premier international examining body.

To be at a "Wine Table," for my birthday (as Cuvée is called), was pretty impressive. Plus, the service was impeccable. Our ser...

November 8, 2017

When was the last time you watched a really good, stay-at-home, fetish movie? Perhaps your last account was 9 1/2 Weeks,  or for the newer folks, 50 Shades of Grey. Well here is a recommendation that will get your romantic juices flowing again - and Wonder Woman is the feature! 

Professor Marston & The Wonder Women:

Let me tell you immediately - it would be a mistake on your part to assume that this movie is about turning Wonder Woman into just another sex symbol. Although I can only vouch for what I've seen in the trailer, and did not attend a premier screening, that is not the case. The trailer seems to be intimating that much of the content in the early Wonder Woman comics was related to the BDSM life-style of the comic's creator, inventor/ psychologist, William Moulton Marston.

Throughout the movie, you see the origin of Wonder Woman, elements of kink, polyamory, and the explorat...

November 8, 2017

Louisville, Kentucky, one of the oldest cities west of the Appalachian Mountains, is home to the largest annual Beatles Festival, as well as The Kentucky Bourbon Festival. With its many down home restaurants, and barbecue treasures, this ever growing, historic city is also home to an enchanting secret eatery known as Cuvee. 

Opening its doors at 3598 Springhurst Blvd in East Louisville this past May, Cuvee proves to be the next hot spot for sensual date nights, birthday gatherings, and late night rendez-vous for the perfect wine tasting. 

Their menu features an exquisite variety of creations including: mouthwatering caramelized mushrooms with fresh capriole goat cheese, persillade, carrot reduction, and a grilled baguette. They present a perfectly smoked salmon with a warm, crisp baguette, caper chive crème fraiche, grape mustard, and a truffled egg. For those who prefer simple meal...

October 11, 2017

Goal setting is a pertinent part in the process of success. It serves as our very own GPS by which we navigate through our careers, and lives overall. The dexterity and direction of our personal "GPS" can often be the determining factor of just how successful we may become, yet we tend to overlook an important step when goal setting: We fail to consider who we have to become in order to reach those goals.

Think about when you've been inspired to obtain a new certification, start a new vertical in your business, or pursue a promotion. Did you consider what habits you'd have to develop and maintain to get there and stay there?

How often have you found yourself excited to start a project in the first week but then by week three you're procrastinating, telling yourself this is still what you want, when all the while you're miserable?

To ensure that your focus will not be deterred, keep in min...

October 11, 2017

Often, when people think of the words “fetish” and “kink,” their minds go to the extreme as they think of “BDSM.” If you do not kn

ow, according to Wikipedia, “BDSM is a variety of often erotic practices or role-playing involving bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, and sadomasochism...”. Besides the rise of “Pop” Kink, as popularized by recent movies such as 50 Shades of Grey, many Puritanicals are led to believe that exploring fetishes and kink serve as a gateway drug to an extreme life of debauchery, mayhem, violence and moral decay.

Well, I’m here to tell you that extremity in beliefs serves as a blatant form of ignorance.

First, let’s explore terms.

BDSM is a variety of often erotic practices or role-playing involving bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, & sadomasochism.

FETISH is something, such as an object, nonsexual part of the body, or distinct act that arouses sexu...

July 18, 2017

Let's face it, one of the reasons we support R. Kelly is because we don't support young black girls. Back in 1993 Robert Kelly wed his underage artist Aaliyah, but fascination and contempt with the story still didn't prevent us from grinding along to songs he produced, not excluding the song, "Age Ain't Nothing but a Number," which he penned for her about their Lolita like romance. His harmonies and sex driven lyrics allowed us to suppress our knowledge of his brazenly nefarious dealings, but not only that, the fact that his violations were against black girls, made it that much easier to tune out the discord.

If we look back in time, society has always viewed black women and/or girls as hypersexualized beings, we've always been waste bins for sexual lust both by black and white men alike. If we were not bed wenches or exotic animals to be tamed, we were video hoes, thots, or baby mamas. Eve...

March 12, 2017

For most people, when a conversation about civil rights comes up, they think automatically about the 1960's when the civil rights of black Americans and women were at the forefront of political discourse. Today, well into the second decade of the 21st century, we are faced with a new question. As sexuality and gender identity become more fluid, what does it mean to ensure the civil rights of ALL citizens? 

The definition of civil rights as found in Wikipedia is "Civil and political rights are a class of rights that protect individuals' freedom from infringement by governments, social organizations, and private individuals. They ensure one's ability to participate in the civil and political life of the society and state without discrimination or repression."

One of the pivotal arguments that won in the 1960's stated that the federal government should sign legisl...

June 9, 2016

The following is an excerpt of a letter sent to a Lover after he asked me, "What did I want our sex journey to be?" It took me a few months to think about, as it was the first time a lover asked the question in that way. After months of passionate bliss, after growing and loving and evolving with him, I finally answered his question. This is a real letter I sent to a lover, with a few personal tidbits taken out. It still contains personal details most probably wouldn't readily share but I think its important to also have these conversations out loud.In fact, I even posed the question to my friends on facebook to hear what they had to say and some of their responses are at the end. I imagine that although somethings will always remain the same for me regarding my personal sexual journey, no matter who my lover is, that also for every lover in my life, this letter would be different. I think...

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November 23, 2017

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November 8, 2017

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