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Scandal: My Niece is Pansexual? - Terms You Need to Know

You may have recently, or not so recently, noticed a lot of new words being used in conversations about sexuality and gender identity. Unfortunately, some people are annoyed with the increased usage of these words and lump them into the "being politically correct" category.

Words like cisgender, ally, binary and so on... Personally, I welcome the evolution of language to include new ways of thinking, but I understand the frustration when those "in the know" are not patient with those who are just learning.

It is my mission to make sure that our citizens are in the know, so I put together a couple of resources that will help you navigate these conversations like a pro.

Check out this article for a quick list of Gender Identity Definitions:

The GLAAD website (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) is also a great resource. They have a guide made specifically for journalists and other media writers, but I found that it is also helpful for the everyday human. In addition to definitions, this guide offers information on "what NOT to say." If you find that you have a foot in the mouth problem, this will help. Click here for:

I appreciated The Trevor Project Glossary because it provided the definition for "pansexual." I had to look up pansexual when my niece revealed that was her orientation. Mind you my niece is 11 years old and has never kissed anyone, lol! We're all learning.

A few more links for you to check out:

The Glossary of Terms from the Human Rights Campaign

List of LGBTQ & Vocabulary Definitions on the "It's Pronounced Metrosexual" website

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