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For the next 60 days I will be sharing a chapter a day of my first POP EROTICA novel. Bang Bang Bang, A summer of sin in Brooklyn.

Chapter Thirteen

Sophie looked at herself in the mirror. She was not too happy with what she saw. She was getting up there in age and the wrinkles around her mouth and talons by her eyes were becoming pronounced. Well the truth is it was not really the wrinkles but she would blame them anyway.

She touched her stomach softly, then stood sideways and puffed out her stomach. She wondered what a small version of herself would look like. She wondered if she would get fat like so many women she knew. She scrunched up her nose. She shook her head as if disagreeing with herself. There was no way she would get fat. There was a banging on the door. Sophie jumped.

“Come on honey I have to use the bathroom,” Max was outside dying to pee.

“One second,” she said quickly as she disrobed before clicking the bathroom door open.

Max rushed in. She positioned herself in front of the sink. She wanted something different this morning. The sound of his urine pouring into the toilet turned her on for some strange reason. Ever since that encounter with Meghan it was as if she was constantly horny. Meghan had somehow eased her out of her old mechanical self and all she could think about since then was how much she had been missing sexually. Before that night with Meghan, all she had known were missionary and the occasional doggy style, in bed of course. Since then and with the help of the therapist, her head was brimming with new and exciting ways to fuck her man. She moaned a soft sweet moan, just to get his attention. She turned the water on and filled her palms and bent over to wash her face, just in time for Max to see the full apple of her ass. Immediately he thought of Amanda on that couch. Sophie thought of Meghan for a split second. She imagined Meghan behind her nibbling on her clit. She pulled another palm full of water over her face. And Bang. It hit her.

The tip of Max’s dick gently slid into her. She pressed back against him. She looked up from the sink and saw a slight smile in Max’s eyes as he eased in and out of her gently.

“Fuck me Max,” she said softly.

Max saw the intensity in her eye. He was a bit shocked. This was so unlike Sophie. Max in that moment just knew he had to be dreaming, “Sophie doesn’t speak like this,” he thought to himself. Was she channeling Amanda? Or was he channeling Amanda through Sophie?

“What?” he asked playfully.

“I want you to fuck me Max, fuck me like a whore.”

This was what Max had wanted Sophie to be like, all these years, but he did not know how to tell her. How does someone say to their woman that he wants her to be more like a whore in bed? Max was beside himself. His dick was by far the hardest it had ever been his entire life.

He grabbed a fist full of her hair and looked her deep in the eyes through the mirror and said, “Ok.”

And for the next forty five minutes he had her in every humanly possible position inside that bathroom. It was as if her words had rendered his dick twenty years younger. Sophie for the first time had an orgasm from penetration. She noticed that the dirtier she spoke the more intense his passion. She realized that she had finally found the key to Max’s heart. All those years of etiquette at finishing school and they never once mentioned that she needed to talk dirty to her man to keep him excited. They ended on the side of the tub with Sophie in a trembling spasm and Max totally exhausted. It seemed like this was a new beginning for Sophie and Max.

Max slid off of Sophie and laid on the bathroom floor looking at the ceiling with a smile on his face. Had Sophie just fucked him the way he thought she did? Yes she did. His head was tumbling in every which way. “Who is this strange woman ?” he kept thinking to himself.

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