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For the next 60 days I will be sharing a chapter a day of my first POP EROTICA novel. Bang Bang Bang, A summer of sin in Brooklyn.

Chapter Twenty

As soon as he stepped out of Pillow his phone rang. It was Max. Brenton ignored the call. He was heading back to Emily. His phone rang again. It was Max again.

“Yow” Brenton answered.

“You good?” Max rasped into the phone.

“Yeah I’m good.” Brenton was speed walking while he spoke.

“Man I am done man, I am fuckin’ done drinking. My fucking head is killing me, my kidneys hurt, my entire body is feeling all retarded and shit. If you ever see me say I’m gonna drink again I need you to fucking shoot me bro.”

“Done?” Brenton laughed as he answered.

This was vintage Max. He quits drinking every weekend only to forget that he did the following weekend.

“So, what happened with those two chicks man?”

“Those two chicks? Fuck those two chicks man, you need to see this girl I met today.”

“Girl you met today? Badder than that Spanish chick you left with last night?”

“Yow, Max fuck the Spanish chick man, when I say this girl is bad, man, she is ridiculous, I think she may be the one bro.” Brenton sounded a note that Max had never heard before.

Brenton was never into taking women seriously. For him it was always a game, it was just for play and he was always, just, playing. For him relationships were never serious.

“Brent, you ok man?” Max asked in a hoarse dumbfounded voice.

“What do you mean?” Brenton sounded clueless.

“Dude, you just said this girl may be the one.”

“No I didn’t?” Brenton thought back to what he had said.

He was not sure. He knew himself and he knew he would have never said anything like that. Maybe his mind was still a little foggy and he slipped.

“You kinda did B.” Max was certain.

“Nah, never that.” Brenton knew deep down how he felt about Emily but he had a reputation to uphold. “What do I look like saying some girl I just met is the one, you crazy, hell fuckin’ no.” He was only convincing himself at this point. He got on the elevator in his building. “Yow Max listen let’s catch up later, I am on the eleva…” His phone went dead. “Fuck it.” He hung up.

Brenton could not wait until the elevator stopped on his floor. He was nervous for no reason. This was very much unlike Brenton. For a second he had to stop and ask himself, “What the fuck Brenton? This ain’t you.”

As soon as he opened his door his heart was at peace. Emily was still on his couch sleeping, or was she? She was lying with her ass hoisted in such a perfect position that she had to have planned it. He bit into his bottom lip and stood in the doorway and admired her. She was beautiful. Her body was perfect. She was smart. She was witty. And most of all she knew she was all of those things.

Brenton walked over slowly and kissed her on her cheek. She felt so familiar. It was almost impossible that he had just met her a few hours ago. Emily knew the moment he placed his key in the door. Her position was not some random act but she knew how to pretend as if it was random. She liked Brenton and depending on how he played his cards maybe they could be long term lovers. She wanted someone who was open to her sexuality, someone who was willing to play. She hated the clingy types. In her heart she was praying he would not get clingy. “How was your meeting?”

“It was amazing,” he whispered as he unbuckled his belt.

It seems he could not get enough of her. He slipped his pants off. He held his dick in his hand and looked at her on her stomach with her ass hoisted just so. In his mind he wanted to enter her raw. Would she let him? He did not know but why not try right?

He nibbled on her ear and passed his teeth along the nape of her neck she gyrated upward towards him. That was his signal. “She wanted it,” he thought to himself. And just as he was about to plunge himself into her she clapped her hand flush over her vagina.

“Uh uhm, get a condom,” she muffled softly.

He was a little heartbroken but then again she did the right thing. He went into his bed room and got a condom but all he could think of was how amazing her pussy must feel raw. It was beyond real with the condom but Jesus he could only imagine how much better it would be without.

By the time he got back she was wide awake on all fours waiting for him. He slid up behind her and she pressed back against him and gyrated a slow prayer into his lap. He held onto her hips, held on for dear life. She pushed back against him gently then looked over her shoulder and requested his tongue. They kissed as she gyrated and pushed back against his thick firm dick. She loved the width, loved the fact that she had to push back real hard to get the whole thing in. He wet his fingers in his mouth and reached around and started massaging her clit.

“Ooooh, you know what you are doing.”

“Not really, I’m just doing what you want me to do.”

“Ok, since you’re doing what I want you to do, how about you fuck me like you mean it.”


“Was this a challenge?” Brenton thought to himself.

“Come on you heard me.” She said all this while they were kissing.

“Really, that’s what you want?” Brenton got a little firmer with her and grabbed her hips a little tighter.

“Yeah, I like that, go ahead daddy.”

She loved talking dirty. But she knew she had to take it easy with Brenton she did not want to spoil him just yet. But his stroke was getting beautiful. She was somewhere between schooling him and getting schooled. Brenton had taken her challenge as a threat to his manhood and she was enjoying every moment of it. She knew exactly how to motivate her lovers. She knew what buttons to push to get the results she wanted.

“Oh, my god, why are you playing with me, Brenton?”

“Really, you think this is playing?”

“I need you to treat me like a grown ass woman, ok.”

He clicked into third. This was his power stroke. Slow and firm. She loved it.

“Oh yes, now we’re getting somewhere,” she screamed back at him as he pulled on her hair and held her head in an awkward position.

Her pussy felt so good that Brenton had to check to make sure the condom was still on. A warm feeling started building at the root of his dick and slowly climbed up into his stomach. And the faster he stroked the warmer the feeling became and the wetter she got. Emily kept up a steady dose of shit talking. By this time Brenton had her face mushed up against a pillow and her ass in the air. “Slow down Brenton,” he said to himself. And Bang.

The real Brenton showed up. Yep. He was in charge. She kept pushing back against him hard and fast. He knew her orgasm was building. He was gonna give her one but he would make her beg for it. And beg she did. She wanted it hard and fast, he decided against it and gave it to her firm and slow. And when he felt her tightening up around his dick he gave it to her with a vengeance and she called him, “Oh God!” as she came. Brenton was covered in sweat. He had not come but he was very happy on the inside watching Emily going through her aftershocks.

“Did you come?” she said out of breath.

“Nah, it’s ok though,” he said nonchalantly. “It’s not about me coming. I just wanna make sure you do.” He had a sly smile on his face.

Emily was impressed. She turned around and tore the condom off his dick to return the favor.

And when he shot his creamy semen all over her breasts she said, “Well there, I wanna make sure you come too, ok.”

They took a short break and within fifteen minutes they were at it again. Nothing can ever come close to the passion between two people who are just introducing themselves to each other. By 7pm they were totally dehydrated. Emily dragged herself out of Brenton’s bed, took a shower and went home to her boyfriend.

Brenton laid in bed going over the words to Ice Cube’s Today was a good day. He wanted to ask her when he would see her again but he decided against it.

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