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Dandy Lyfe Chronicles

They say smell is closely related to memory

The colonge of the month is one of my favorite fragrances called In Red by Estelle Ewen Paris. Fellas when you finally put together the perfect outfit please do not forget the icing on the cake is when you top it off with an amazing soft cologne. Its important when shopping for cologne that you look for a more oil based than the watered down cologne. Oil based or thicker liquid cologne will last longer and wont wear off easily.

3 Areas To Target

1. Neck and collar

When you go to hug her you will leave her with a lasting impression of your scent

2. The chest of your shirt

This area is the most popular area, only needing 2 squirts

3. The wrist

Dont forget this small space! 1 squirt and then proceed to rub your 2 wrist together and you are ready to go.

Remember its not just how you look but how you smell as well

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