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Top 3 Things Women do Wrong when Giving Head

Top 3 Things Women do Wrong when Giving Head

3. Inhale on the approach

Most women, for some reason, take a deep breath in when they get ready to give head. They think they’re INHALING his penis. No! You’re sucking. If you notice your shoulders go up and your jaw closes. When it comes to giving head you should EXHALE. When you breathe out your shoulders fall down and your jaw opens up. You increase your mouth capacity by 33%. The more you can get in the more he’ll love it.

2. Not using tongue

What do you do with your tongue when you’re giving head? Many don’t even think about it. We spend most of our time trying to get things out of the way. Well when you stick out your tongue you create space within your mouth, as well as a sensation in his shaft that will drive him mad. The increased wetness allows you to make wonderful sound effects.

1. Wrong Attitude

I cannot stress this enough. You have to enjoy giving head. Your personal attitude about it must be positive. The more joy you find in doing it, the more enjoyable the experience will be. It is a complete waste of your mouth miles (very suck is a mile) and his penis time. Having the right mental attitude about fellatio is what sets you apart from others. Learning how to find joy in giving head take passion and commitment.

With over 30 years of Fellatio experience, Nikeema have sucked her far share and have learned some things. Though our experiences are not unique and we all are in search for the answers, some have questions about how they can make the experience more enjoyable. Nikeema has found the answers and shares them in her Art of Fellatio class all across the country.

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