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The Siren and the Wolf: A Story of Origins

Photo Credit: Gagilas

If you’ve spent any amount of time with me, you’ll quickly learn some of my catch phrases. I describe things, people, and experiences as “Yum.” “Look at her! She’s yum.” “How was my day? It was yum.”

There are two other phrases I use practically EVERY SINGLE DAY! #WolfShit and #SirenShit.

I say it so much…. I reference myself as both so much….. I call others those names so much that I’m often asked, “What is a Wolf and what is a Siren?” I’ve also learned after attending the latest Sweet Spot show in New York City, that “the Wolf” term & hand symbol has cycled into rotation throughout the show. Have you seen the cast hold up “the Wolf” sign? You’ve probably held it up too!

I want to introduce you to my concept of the Siren and the Wolf and then, the next time I see you at the show, I really want to see you howl.


“The Wolf” and “The Siren” at their most basic level are archetypes. An archetype is a symbolic motif used as a form of identification and understanding. Whether you’ve ever thought about this in great detail or not, you know what I mean. For example, what’s your sign? I’m a Leo. Born in August….so I have the Lion as my “sun sign.” Simply by telling you that I’m a Leo, you already have some ideas in your head about my personality. Each of the 12 astrological zodiac signs has a generic and stereotypical understanding of their meaning. There are also deeper and more robust understandings found in them. At the end of the day, your sign can mean everything to you or absolutely nothing at all.

There are other collections of archetypes you may be familiar with. There are Spirit Power Animals. There are the Disney Characters. There’s always a “handsome prince.” There’s a “damsel in distress.” There’s an “evil step mother.” We also have Social and Culture archetypes. There is “The Angry Black Woman.” There is “The Thug.” There is also “Becky.” From a sociological and psychological standpoint, we are also familiar with other archetypes. Have you ever taken a Myers-Brigg personality assessment? How about The Enneagram? Or HowtoFascinate? Completing each assessment generates a personality profile with distinct archetypes and those archetypes are symbolic motifs used as a form of identification and understanding. We use archetypes to help explain our complexities, proclivities, preferences, desires and impulses. We use them to bind us to people and to separate us from them too. To some people, archetypes are all fun and games and to others, they have a deep spiritual meaning.

Through my own personal experiences, spiritual studies and sensual exploration, I begin identifying with a few archetypes. I am drawn to tools that help me in self-awareness and assessment. The motifs we use to help us understand and process life are utterly fascinating. These motifs are usually tied to universal stories that go on to affect our world philosophies and even our actions. Therefore, archetypes and stories have powerful implications. By growing up knowing what “The Angry Black Woman” is, you either are her, or you’re trying to dismantle the weight of that stereotype. I’m interested in examining some of these stories. I'm interested in changing our perspectives on the origins of these stories. Or in some cases, I want to completely rewrite them all together.

In 2005, “The Siren” was identified as on of my archetypes after devouring the book “Sacred Contracts: Awakening Your Divine Potential” by Caroline Myss. Other "Sheena LaShay" archetypes were The Artist, The Rebel, The Unicorn, The Black Panther, The Lion and also, The Wolf. Now that you know what archetypes are and some of mine, let me tell you about the Wolf and the Siren so that you understand why we howl and sing!


A Wolf is a man or a woman who is gritty, intuitive, instinctive, independent, strategic, hungry with a distinct appetite a raw. Wolves are a bit detached, but they are not emotionless. Think of moments when a King or Warrior goes off into the distance because they also need time to THINK about how the truly dominate the world. They are almost not of this world. Wolves are ruthless. This could be good or bad. They are clever. They are grounded but agile in thoughts, in body, and in spirit. They devour their prey, their love, and their lives. They are hunters and protectors. Wolves understand energy, alchemy, rhetoric and even metaphysics. That’s that “other world” shit they embody. They are complex, complicated and calculating. And wolves are wild. Of course, within the Wolf archetype, you have sub categories. An Alpha Wolf. A Loner Wolf. The Wolf Pack. Be that as it may, that is my definition of a Wolf. I tend to date a lot of “Wolf-Men.”



Sirens, which are also known as Mermaids and Mermen, go by many names. Charmer. Seducer. Seductress. Temptress. Enchantress. Femme Fatale. Wikipedia says, " In Greek mythology, the Sirens were dangerous yet beautiful creatures who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island " This is one of those cases where I reject the story we have been fed, as many traditional “female” archetypes convey women as evil. I think if we changed our perspective, we would see that the Siren did not lure men off the ships only for them to drown. I think Sirens facilitated their rebirth, their next baptism. The Sirens were vessels for the men’s purification. Whether you find my version of the story as far fetched or not. What can be agreed upon is that Sirens are those that draw people in. They are captivating, charismatic and have that “IT” factor. Sirens compel people towards them. They entice with subtlety and brazen boldness, with power & grace, with compassion and fire.


It is important to note that all archetypes either have a male or female counterpart or are gender neutral. For instance, one could be a King or Queen as traditionally men are considered Kings and women are considered Queens. However, archetypes like The Wolf or The Artist can work for any gender dynamic. Its also important to note that every archetype has its light and shadow side. You can choose to live in your highest potential or your lowest. It's also important to note that you probably identify with more than one archetype. I am a Siren. I am a Wolf. I am a Lion. I am an Artist. A Shark. A Unicorn. A Panther and a God. I am Sheena LaShay.

Who are you? What archetypes do you readily identify?

Sheena LaShay is a Wild Magical Woman, Intellectual Sensual Shaman, and Cultural Provocateur. She stirs up controversy and yum by using sensuality, spiritual eroticism and movement to inspire women and men to reach their highest potential. She leads workshops, events, retreats and group trips around the world focusing on community, exploration and openness. She can also be found on for

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