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Bang Bang Bang 6

For the next 60 days I will be sharing a chapter a day of my first POP EROTICA novel. Bang Bang Bang, A summer of sin in Brooklyn.

Chapter Six

Last Saturday Amanda and Max decided to meet at Oleo. Oleo is a small Italian restaurant that looks as if it was ripped out of an ancient gentile town somewhere in Italy and plopped down on the corner of Lafayette and Adelphi in Fort Greene. It was early May and, a bit chilly, so sitting outside was not particularly attractive; aside from the obvious fact that these two should not be meeting alone. What was Max thinking meeting with his best friend’s wife? What was Amanda thinking meeting with her husband’s best friend? Max was a little late. He walked in and scanned the room. A two piece duo, near the entrance, one on guitar the other on percussion, was keeping the dinners charmed with renditions of old world Italian songs. Max spotted Amanda. She waved him over. She was smiling. They hugged. Maybe it was because he was doing something so forbidden but he was fully aroused. Something about Amanda just turned him on. They sat.

“So, how are you?” “I’m good,” Amanda replied. Her eyes were smiling; if Max did not know any better he would think she was in love. “So, ah it’s good to see you,” he was a little nervous. “Same here,” she reached across the table and touched his hand softly. “What are we going to do?” Max said as he felt her energy pass into his body. Amanda shrugged. It was one of those I don’t give a fuck shrugs. And in that moment Max knew that they would be fucking in a few hours, maybe a few minutes, maybe a few seconds. “We should not be doing this Amanda,” he tried to sound sincere. She smiled at his attempt at being serious. She knew he wanted it as much as she did so she slid her hand under the table and reached for his thigh. They looked into each other’s eyes for a few seconds. Max started sweating, he looked around the room then had a flashback to the moment he first entered her. There was something so glorious about the way she bit into his bottom lip and pushed up towards him. They had never intended to fuck like that. It just happened. They had been circling each other for years. There had always been a little sexual tension between them but they were both in life-long relationships.

Worse even, Max and Maurice were best friends. But that evening in April when Max stopped over to see Maurice and it turned out Maurice had forgotten their meeting, Amanda decided why not? Why not have drinks with a friend since her husband was never around. “Maurice said he’d be here?” Amanda asked. “Yes he did,” Max answered. “That’s strange, I spoke with him today and he said he was gonna be at the office late.” “Mm, I spoke with him today and he said he was gonna be here.” “How about we get a drink?” Amanda said with her head tilted to the side. Max caught it the moment it came out her mouth. All that yearning. “You sure?” he asked her earnestly. “Very sure,” she said in a half whisper. “Where do you wanna go?” “We could stay right here,” the yearning in her voice surfaced again. Max was not sure they were talking about the same thing. So he tested her with one last question. “What kind of drink do you want?” He knew exactly where this question would lead. Maybe he was taking advantage of her. He knew she was lonely, he knew his boy was never around. Why would he ask such a question? Amanda smiled a coy smile, walked right up to Max and placed her lips real close to his ear and said, “I want a really stiff drink.” Max pulled back and looked her in the eyes and quietly asked, “Really?” Amanda slipped her hand over the front of his pants and said, “Yes, really.”

She felt his dick rising in her palm; she stroked it a few times. He grabbed her ass. She let out a soft sigh. He was rock hard by now. She slowly unzipped his pants and slipped her hand through the zipper and into his boxer briefs. His dick was warm. He cupped her ass even harder. She looked at him and licked her lips a little. They kissed, and God it was scary and it was good. She stroked his dick while they kissed. He used his teeth to pull her strapless top down; her breasts were a sight to behold. She had thick dark nipples. He thought about Maurice. Why was he doing this to Maurice’s wife? “Stop Max!” he kept saying to himself. As he was about to get a mouthful of her breast, she flicked his dick out of his pants and got on her knees. If there was a way out, God knows it just closed. He closed his eyes in anticipation. She slowly licked the tip. “Oh my God,” Max let out. She continued, slowly and gently. This was not a blow job. This was closer to worship. She undid his belt. She had never been with another man before. She had always fantasized about what it would feel like. She paused for a moment and inhaled deeply. She looked up at Max. Max’s eyes were closed. It was as if he was petrified. She took his belt off and threw it on the floor. In her head she knew exactly what she was doing. She knew exactly what she wanted. She stood before Max and kissed him again. His dick was shiny and was as hard as a diamond. She walked backwards while pulling him by his dick. She fell back onto her couch. He was standing directly in front of her. She slipped him into her mouth again. He reached down and realized that she had no panties on. She was as wet and juicy as a peach preserved in syrup. He pulled back, got on his knees before her and licked her from perineum to clit. Her pussy had a fragrance like uncut honey. She grabbed his face and pulled him close. He was just about to enter her. “Do you have a condom?” She paused. “Yes, I’ll go get it.” On her way to get the condom she started having second thoughts. She opened Maurice’s boxer drawer. She took out a strip of magnums, tore one off the strip and headed back to the living room. She had almost lost faith until she saw Max sitting on the couch with his dick in his hand and his eyes filled with eager anticipation. It was as if his dick had wiped her mind clean of her marriage. She handed him the condom. And for a moment he hesitated. Then she hoisted up her skirt and he saw all that heaven. He slipped the condom on and she climbed on top of him. As he entered her she kissed him passionately and bit into his bottom lip. And for the next fifteen minutes he was in and out of her in every which position. All those years of circling and flirting added up to a whole lot of tension and when the tension broke, they both exploded simultaneously. Amanda was soaking wet, so was Max. They were out of breath. Now they had to deal with the aftermath. “Shit, shit, shit. What are we doing?” Max felt guilty. Amanda was not sure if she was guilty free. Finally she did not feel shackled to the idea of Maurice anymore.

She fell back onto the couch and said, “I don’t know.” She started playing with her clit. Max looked over at her. She was still soaking wet. Max felt his dick getting hard again. She closed her eyes and reached into her juicy pussy. Max heard it make that slippery sound. He was rock hard again. His mind started racing. What if Maurice is on his way home? “You have another condom?” “Yes.” She got up in a hurry, Max followed her.

The condom was on in no time and she was crouched over on the bed. Max tore into her this time with a passion. And she begged him to push harder. She wanted him to fuck her as if he wanted to hurt her. She wanted to remember this day for a very long time. Max just didn’t want to be outdone. So they crashed into each other with reckless abandon. This time only Max came. He was exhausted. So he stood above her and watched her play with her clit until she brought herself to climax. And Bang, they are back in the restaurant. Max bit into his bottom lip thinking about how hard they fucked the last time. She slid her hand further up his thigh. The waiter walked over and handed them a dinner menu. “We are just having drinks,” Max was very curt. “Ok,” he handed them the drink menu. “The Merlot here is…” “We’ll have two,” Amanda shot at him smiling, still reaching under the table. Max slid down in his seat. Amanda felt the tip of his dick. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “I want to suck your dick right now,” she said with a certain amount of daring in her tone. Max could not believe what she just said. “Ah,” he was lost for words. The waiter placed the two glasses of Merlot on the table. They finished both glasses before he could turn around. “Check!” Max called out.

Amanda slipped out from behind the table and walked toward the door, Max’s eyes followed her. She had a perfect apple shaped ass, her waist narrow, her hips wide and her legs extremely long. All he could think about was being inside of her. It was as if their thoughts were on auto-pilot. She walked a half a block ahead of him. She knew exactly where she was going. The security at Mo’s a few blocks down gave her the regular hassle at the door. She squeezed her way through the crowd, then to the back to the bathroom. Max was a steady distance behind her. He squeezed through the crowd barely being able to pass, because the people were so packed together by the reggae music. He got to the bathroom door. He tried it. It was open. He went in slowly. Amanda smiled. She handed him a pair of panties. He put it to his nose. They were soaked with her juices. She placed one leg atop the toilet seat and bent over slightly. And in two seconds flat Max was inside her and they were huffing and moaning and trying their best to keep quiet. Max reached around and placed two fingers in her mouth while he worked miracles from behind. Amanda could feel his balls slamming up against her clit as they kissed. She sucked on his lips harder the closer she came to having an orgasm. For Amanda having sex in this public place was enough for her to have an orgasm, but Max was so hard she felt he would pass out. She looked back at him in disbelief as he slid in and out of her. There was a knocking at the door. Max paused. She looked back at him with anger in her eyes and mouthed the words, “You better not stop.”

He grabbed a fist full of her hair and continued. His balls were knocking steadily against her hardened clit. He could feel her clenching around his dick. He pounded harder. She looked back in slow motion as she came. As soon as she did she was like, “Ok, stop.” Max did not know what to do. So he grabbed his dick and finished the job. Amanda slipped out. And three minutes later Max followed. He got a text twenty minutes later saying, “Thank you.”

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