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Bang Bang Bang 7

For the next 60 days I will be sharing a chapter a day of my first POP EROTICA novel. Bang Bang Bang, A summer of sin in Brooklyn.

Chapter Seven

Max jumped out of the cab in front of Vodou, Brenton was standing on the sidewalk talking to a young redhead. The conversation seemed casual. Brenton spotted Max. They greeted each other. “Hey Max, this is my friend, ah,” he waited for the young lady to chime in, but she didn’t. “Hey how are you Max, Brenton was just telling me about you.” “Oh really?” “Nah I was just telling her that I was here to meet you, told her that we went to school together.” “Oh, okay cool.” Max shot a look towards Brenton. Brenton got the message, “Who is the white girl?” “She’s an old friend, met her this morning.” They all laughed. There was an uncomfortable silence.

“So it was good to see you again Brenton, I hope we can hang out again soon.” “What are you doing later?” Brenton looked her dead in the eyes. She smiled and slid her fingers through her hair. Brenton smiled. Yep. That was it. She bit her lip and looked him up and down. Later he’d be fucking her, again. Well that depended on how tonight turned out. “So, I’ll see you later?” She said, “Yeah,” in a teasing kind of way. Max’s eyes followed her round ass to the corner. Brenton watched Max watch her. “Max, ain’t you engaged?” Brenton spat out. “Yeah but that doesn’t mean I’m blind.” “Shit you’ll be blind soon,” Brenton laughed at Max for a few seconds. “You been inside?” Max asked. “Nah, just got here like two minutes before you.” “Who is, that chick?” “That girl? Nobody.” “You fuckin’ her right?” Max had a little envy in his voice. Not envy, envy, he had the good kind of envy that said, damn I wish that was me. “Fuckin’ no, fucked, yes. I need to get up in that a few more times before I can categorize it as fuckin’.” “She got a sweet ass for a white girl.” “Tell me about it, I don’t know if it’s Brooklyn or if it’s the water but these white bitches be giving these sistahs a run for their money.” Max agreed silently. He did not like the word bitch very much, but Brenton was his boy so he didn’t want to make an issue of it. “Let’s go get a drink man,” Brenton said itching for a drink. “Bet, Sophie and Meghan will be coming by soon.” “Damn.” Brenton didn’t want to see Meghan for the obvious reasons. They sat on a low cushioned bench with their backs facing the street. Vodou was the spot where the people who were almost aged out of the scene hung out. They were a little too old to be ‘clubbing’ but not old enough to be in bed by ten. They were a room full of well bellied men. Their stomachs pushed aggressively against their cheap button downs. The women were a demented hybrid of skanks and matrons, dressed like conservative strippers. Skin tight tube dresses just above the knees. Twenty inch heels and the most outrageous fingernails, yet they sat in very tight pussy clusters, playing coy. They only became fully animated when top forty songs were played, the songs doubled as the fountain of youth. If you knew all the lyrics to Niggas in Paris, that automatically knocked ten years off your dead end life. The place itself was not that bad. It was just strange being on the corner of Nostrand and Halsey, in the middle of the hood. In Manhattan this place would be pretty swank, but since it was in the hood it was hard to even take their attempts at being upscale seriously. They ordered drinks. Max nursed his beer. Brenton was on his second rum and coke when Sophie and Meghan came in. They were in good spirits. Sophie seemed looser than her normal uptight self. Brenton and Meghan were in a serious standoff. They did exchange pleasantries, but beyond that, their guns were drawn. Sophie was cozying up to Max. Meghan’s mind slipped back to the bathroom a few hours ago. She smiled at Sophie. “So how are you doing Meghan, haven’t seen you since our last party on the fourth of July.”

Max tried to take the words back just as they left his mouth. He remembered that that may not be the best thing to talk about right now. “Yeah, I’ve been busy, work is kicking my ass.” “Are you still at that publishing company?” “Yeah, we’re getting ready to do the Frankfurt book fair and it’s so much...” “Frankfurt? Nice.” Max shot back not really paying attention. Sophie was more touchy feely than she normally would have been. She was rubbing Max’s thigh really slowly. She was thinking about Meghan’s mouth against her clit. She shuddered. It was a flashback from earlier. “Damn the AC is cold,” she used as her cover. “You want me to warm you up?” Max put his arm around Sophie. Meghan looked across the small table at Brenton. He was on his fourth rum and coke and Meghan was looking super sexy in her work/party clothes. Meghan worked in party clothes. He thought about the stairwell and in that same moment Meghan’s mind went to the same place. They shared a resistant smile. Sophie whispered something to Max. Max rubbed her cheek with his nose. “Anybody want anything? I’m going to get another rum and coke,” Brenton asked. He only got up because he wanted to give Max and Sophie a moment by themselves. “Stella,” Max uttered. By now Sophie did not care she just said, “Red wine.” Meghan followed Brenton. “You owe me an apology Mister.” She stuck him in the side playfully. He turned and grabbed onto her finger. She tried to get loose. And that gentle tugging of her finger came to mean something entirely different to both of them. They were both aroused by the playful gesture. The unspoken sexual tension was obvious so Brenton let her finger go. She wanted him to continue. He knew it but he would not, just yet. “What are you having?” “Pinot.” “You like Pinot?” He said with a smile on his face. She made a face at him. He stood by the edge of the bar trying to get the bartenders attention. Meghan pressed her groin area flush against his thigh. “Why is she playing,” Brenton thought to himself. Max saw her pressed against Brenton, and thought to himself, “Only Brenton could have pulled that off.” Sophie saw her pressed against him and a huge wave of jealousy rode through her body. Brenton took Meghan’s face in his right hand and got as close to her as he could and said, “Why are you playing with me?” She looked back at him, took his face in both her hands and said, “I am NOT playing.” The DJ started playing Night Nurse by Gregory Isaacs and Brenton pretended Meghan was not grinding against his thigh. His dick was a solid bar of steel in his pants. Meghan was in her own world, she was lost in the song. She had totally forgotten all about Brenton fucking her sister. “You should come home with me,” she whispered.

She wanted someone to make her curl the way she made Sophie curl. She wanted someone to make her cum the way she made Sophie cum. She knew Brenton was the man for the job. Brenton turned to her; they were now face to face. He kissed her gently on her mouth; her lips were a little tangy. It was a mix of wine and something else; he could not quite put his finger on it. But he loved the taste. They kissed again. If he did not know better he would say her lips tasted like vagina, “No way,” he let the thought go. The bartender finally came over; by that time they had given up or were too turned on to care. Meghan was half way out the door with Brenton close behind. The alcohol was rummaging through their bodies. Meghan had made her decision she was going to fuck Brenton tonight, whether he wanted her to or not.

She dragged him into a cab. It was only a few blocks to her apartment. Her blouse was half way off by the time he pushed her up against her door. She jangled the door knob with her key trying her best to get it in the hole; her breasts were already in his mouth. She cupped his head with one hand. She was grinding extremely hard against his dick. She wanted it inside her, wanted it in her mouth, in her hands, in her pussy, in her arm pits, in her lungs, in her everything. She wanted to fuck without promises or excuses. She knew she did not want him, she just wanted to fuck. They stumbled into the living room. They were tearing the clothes off each other. Kissing. One arm out of her blouse. His pants were stuck; he could not get them over his shoes. He was trying to get his shoe off, it seemed impossible. She had his dick in her hand. His hand was up her skirt. She was super wet. They blindly made their way toward her bedroom, bumping into small pieces of furniture. The light from the guest room came on. They froze in place. Like a deer at a sex club. Her right hand on his dick, his left hand up her skirt, their lips locked, his pants around his ankles, her blouse half way off, her left hand opening the door. Her sister pushed the door open and the light hit them both. She was drunk.

“What are you two doing?” she said as she stumbled out the room half naked. “I have to go to the bathroom, hey Meg, hey you. Do I know you?” She had a puzzled look on her face.

She had a body like nothing Brenton had ever seen. Her breasts were perfect and full of life and, her ass was a wonder of the world; it seemed to defy all logic. His dick got even harder.

She stopped halfway to the bathroom. “Wait, I know you, how do I know you?” she slurred with a confused look on her face. They un-froze, Meghan pushed her room door open. They fell into the room and onto her bed. Brenton is almost always a hundred percent safe, but tonight he was being a little careless. Meghan was also being careless, she could hear her pussy throbbing in her ears and all she wanted was to sit on his dick. She shoved him further onto the bed. Brenton was focused on getting his pant leg over his shoe. Meghan gave him an awkward angled blow job. He finally got his pant over his shoe. She ended her sucking routine with a popping, sucking sound. In her mind she was like a professional gymnast sticking a landing. She smiled. He was blurry eyed, and half smiling. He sat up on the bed; she climbed onto his dick and slowly settled in, plunging all the way down. His hands found the flesh of her ass and she rode him slowly, her skirt rumpled around her waist. Brenton closed his eyes and slipped in and out of consciousness as he slipped in and out of her tight, wet pussy. Something about her work clothes was an aphrodisiac. She found the zip of her skirt, unzipped it and pulled it over her head. She pressed her clit against his stomach muscle and grabbed the back of his head as he spread her wider and wider with each stroke. He slipped a finger into her ass as she gyrated. She gyrated harder. Her clit was humming. The sound of his dick squishing into and out of her was a carnal orchestra.

He opened his eye and standing in the door eating a sandwich, wobbling and watching him fuck the living daylights out of Meghan was Meghan’s sister. Meghan was too focused on her orgasm to even notice, or even care.

Meghan knew exactly how to get hers and she had no qualms about it. She had shifted into third gear; her ass was moving like a rabbit. Her body was filled with beautiful motion, she pressed her lips against Brenton’s and slid her tongue into his mouth and kissed him with all she had as a warm sensation walked up her spine. And Bang. She exploded. Brenton’s lap was covered with her juices. He had never had a woman squirt in his lap before. It was a little strange, he was a little skeeved out, but he needed to get his. He flipped her onto her stomach and hoisted her pelvis with a pillow and dug in. Meghan moaned and positioned her ass so she could receive the best of his stroke. He stroked her from behind with a magnificent vengeance, every stroke was an opus, and her moans confirmed that she wanted him deeper and harder. And just when he was about to come she slipped out from under him and took the entire load into her mouth. She was exhausted. He was exhausted. She licked her lips and gently sucked on the tip of his dick until she fell asleep. He sat up and watched her for a few moments, is body was giddy with spasms.

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