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For the next 60 days I will be sharing a chapter a day of my first POP EROTICA novel. Bang Bang Bang, A summer of sin in Brooklyn.

Chapter Eight

It was Saturday, late summer. The blue dust of August was smeared on the face of everything visible. The evening was sluggish. Maurice sat quietly at the bar. The humidity outside was pretty oppressive by any standard. He was having his regular, a mango-mango. When he was not out partying, he liked drinking girlie drinks.

He was holed up in the Brooklyn Moon waiting for his boys, Max and Brenton. He was closer friends with Max because Max had mentored him when he was at Syracuse. He met Brenton through Max and over the years they had all become less like friends and more like brothers.

Maurice was mulling over a look he saw on Amanda’s face before he left the house that morning. He felt something was awry. She was up to something, what it was he did not know but it bothered him.

There was an uproar by the door. Maurice spun around; it was Max and Daren. Daren was Amanda’s younger brother. Let’s just say Maurice did not like Daren very much. Why? Daren was an attention whore. He had been an attention whore since he was a kid, and as an adult it was an addiction he could not break.

Maurice braced himself as he uttered, “This mothafucka,” under his breath.

Daren was causing a ruckus by the door. “These people in here are not here to see you boo boo.” He gestured broadly as he pranced past Max.

Max shook his head. “It’s not like they’re here to see you!” “Why did I say that?” Max thought to himself.

He had just poured a whole tank of gasoline on an inferno waiting to rage, that was literally begging for more fuel so it could just swallow everything in sight. “Uh uhhhhhhh, you did not, did you… did you say what I just thought you said...?” Daren was getting ready to tear into Max. Maurice hurried from the bar to make peace. “Yo, yo, yo fellas come on, calm down man, let’s go get these drinks.”

The bartender saw Max. He hurried to the fridge. Before they could be seated Max had an ice cold Stella waiting for him. The Brooklyn Moon was Max’s favorite place to hang; it was all their favorite place to eat and favorite place to meet up with friends. Max loved The Moon mainly because it was like going home. The owner knew him personally, he knew the entire staff, and they were like family to him. Most of all he loved The Moon because he could always talk to Mike, the owner about his problems. Max’s phone made a sound. He looked at it. Maurice and Daren were having verbal skirmish. “Why can’t you just chill man?” Maurice was trying to reach Daren without sounding preachy. “Why I gotta chill for?” Daren fired back with bite in his tone. “I’m just saying sometimes you don’t have to make a scene.” Maurice was trying to back away, he saw where this was heading and he was heading for the tonal exit. “What, you trying to say I am always loud, is that it?” Daren said being obviously loud. “Dude, dude listen no one is saying you are loud, I’m just saying if you just chill sometimes maybe you would have a better time.” Maurice was impressed with himself; he had a smile budding in the corner of his mouth. Daren gave him the side eye. “Well everybody ‘chills’ differently, I have to be who I am.” “You know what, you are right,” Maurice said quietly. “What are you drinking?” Max was tempted by the text. It was from Amanda. It simply said, “Come over.” His dick jumped in his pants. He looked at Maurice navigating Daren’s psyche. He hated himself for wanting to go and fuck his best friend’s wife. He hated himself for cheating on Sophie, but Amanda had that edge.

He texted back, “Why?”

Daren looked over the drink menu. “These drinks are cheeeep,” Daren dragged out his last word. Max and Maurice looked at each other. Maurice gave Max that look that said, “Don’t even,” but Max could not help himself. It was just the way he was and before he knew it he said, “Says the broke guy.”

And without losing a beat went right back to his phone, a new message had just landed. Maurice tried his best to hold back laughter, Mike turned away and started laughing, Daren was about to explode. Maurice grabbed his hand. “Dude, you know he’s playing right? He’s just trying to get under your skin, don’t fall for it man, don’t fall for it.”

Daren took a deep breath and did his ‘keep it together sign’ with his fingers.

“Like I was saying,” he went on, “can I have two shots of Grey Goose and a vodka soda since Mr. Big Shot here is paying.” Max did not even hear that he was paying. He had serious decisions to make. The text that landed said, “Because my pussy is wet and waiting.” Max looked over at Maurice mulling over his drink. “Where is Brenton?” Max asked. “He said he’d be here a little late,” Maurice replied, his brows knitted.

“Is he ever early?” Daren fired out. “He is kinda always late,” Max acknowledged.

He was trying to decide what to do. And just when he was about to send Amanda a text saying he was hanging with Maurice at the Brooklyn Moon his phone rang. It was Amanda. He stepped away from the bar and walked toward the door speaking quietly into the phone.

Over the phone Amanda was making her case. “You don’t even have to stay for ten minutes. I just want you to come over here and fuck me real swift and real hard, you don’t even have to say hello, I’ll leave the door open. You just come in. I’ll be bent over on the couch. Just come in, fuck me and leave.” She said it just the way she imagined one of the heroines in the romantic novels she loved so much would say it. The texture of her voice licked all sense of reasoning off of Max’s dick. “I’ll be there in five.”

Before she could press the end call button on her phone Max was on Myrtle Ave. His car screeched to a stop a few doors down from the Five Spot. He did not want to park in front of Maurice’s townhouse on Washington. Max dipped around the corner like a thief and true to her word the door was open. The knob turn in his hand was a divine feeling that released waves of sexual energy inside Max’s body. He walked down the hall and just as she promised Amanda was kneeling on the edge of the couch looking away from the door.

Brenton walked into the Brooklyn Moon. “Yow, what’s up?” He gave both Daren and Maurice the obligatory greetings. “Where’s Max? That dude is always late man.” “I think he went outside, phone call, I don’t know, he’s out there.” Maurice was still trying to figure out that look on Amanda’s face. A chill came over his body. “She wants a divorce,” he thought to himself. “That was it. No.” He was not sure. Max walked gingerly toward Amanda’s beautiful fleshy ass. He could see that the lips of her vagina were glistening. He licked his lips, caught the tip of his tongue with his index and middle fingers a few times and gently slid them through Amanda’s pussy. She purred. She moaned. She rotated her hips and dropped the middle of her back while hoisting her ass higher to make her pussy more available to him. Without a word she reached back and handed him a condom; Magnum. He slipped the condom on and fucked her exactly how she wanted to be fucked; mercilessly. All he could think about while he was fucking her was his boy, Maurice. Max was dying inside, but the slapping sounds quickly gave him amnesia. He was ashamed to be doing this but Amanda’s pussy and her propositions were irresistible.

With every stroke his dick grew harder. With every stroke her pussy grasped him tighter. Amanda knew exactly what she was doing. Max was in a kind of silent heaven. A heaven he promised would call him Jesus before this was over. A heaven so tight it almost pulled the condom off his dick.

He made sure the condom was in place then lifted one leg on the edge of the couch and continued. His balls slamming gently against her clit was like Judas knocking at the gates of heaven. Amanda grunted as he went deeper and deeper. She was trying her best not to make a sound.

He grabbed a fist full of her hair and went harder. He could hear the word building in her throat. She was in a semi-squeal. Max was having an out of body experience. He was almost there. It was as if the world around him was frozen and he was just going in and out, in and out, in and out, in and out, to the side, to the side, to the side, to the side. His nut was building; he could feel that sweet tickle below his balls. And Bang. Amanda felt the vibration that came off Max’s dick as he ejaculated inside of her, sending shock waves flying through her.

She fell into a spell of spasms and as the waves slowly subsided. “Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Jesus.” She was bathed in a holy feeling. She mumbled to herself in a strange tongue. Max had just filled her with the Holy Ghost it seemed. This was the best not-orgasm she had ever had in her life. And just like that he zipped his pants, fixed his shirt, dabbed the sweat from his face and vanished out the door like a phantom.

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