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For the next 60 days I will be sharing a chapter a day of my first POP EROTICA novel. Bang Bang Bang, A summer of sin in Brooklyn.

Chapter Nine

Max was back at the Brooklyn Moon in less than five minutes. The evening was still young and there was a ton to catch up on and there were millions of drinks to be consumed, and God was somewhere watching. Max could still smell Amanda’s pussy on his fingertips. The memories of her heart shaped ass propped up on that couch stayed with him; he played with his nose all night. He did not want to get Amanda’s pussy out of his head. “So what’s the plan for the night guys?” Mike asked wiping down the bar. “I don’t know, Mo’s later on,” Maurice answered. “Definitely Mo’s.” Brenton seemed thrilled. “Mo’s? Really? Mo’s?” Daren did not like the sound of it.

They all looked at Daren. “What? Mo’s is so ghetto,” Daren said emphatically.

“Kinda like you,” Max uttered under his breath. Daren pretended he did not hear him. “Two more shots of Grey Goose please Mike. If I’m going to Mo’s I’m gonna have to be drunk before I get there.” Daren sat like a Cheshire cat with a pot full of snobbery in his lap. Brenton looked at Daren. “How did you get here tonight?” he asked quizzically. “I walked,” Daren replied. “No, I mean, how? Like how did you get to be here? This is kind of our boy’s night out. Normally it’s just the three of us, you know, chillin.” Brenton was being a little harsh. “Whatever, Amanda told me I could come hang with ya’ll. We were in the house all day; guess she needed some space or whatever. I’m not even here to hang out with you; I’m here to hang with my brother-in-law,” Daren said dryly. Maurice gave him the side eye. He knew what had happened. Daren had worn out Amanda’s ear all day so she passed him off to them. Now no matter how much they wanted to just chill they knew tonight was not going to be the same. Brenton smiled to himself, as he watched Daren throw back the second of two shots. Brenton had a plan. “Yo Mike, double shots of Patron for everybody.” Brenton slipped Mike a $100 without anyone seeing.

Mike gave them a round. The guys threw the first round back. Their glasses were replenished. They threw back the second round. Mike immediately refilled Daren’s glass without Daren noticing. Daren looked at the filled glass confused, he was not sure if he had had one or two shots. “Dude, drink up man, you said you wanted to hang with the boys right?” Maurice hit him lightly with his elbow. Max caught onto what was happening. He smiled to himself; the shots were beginning to work. Daren emptied his glass. Mike was in a good mood it seemed. “You know what fellas, one more round, this one is on me.” “Let’s go,” Brenton said slapping his palm against the bar. “Let’s do it,” Max uttered rubbing his hands together. “I thought you were ready to roll Daren, what’s up?” Maurice teased. “I, I, I am ready! Listen I am gonna drink every last one of you girls under the table.” His words were beginning to slur a bit. Mike made a special concoction, and by the look on his face this one was the killer. He poured. They drank. He poured again. They drank again. There was not a hint of alcohol in the concoction. The boys threw them back with ease. They ended up doing about three more shots than they had originally planned. Mike was all smiles. They got up to head over to Mo’s; turned out standing was not a good idea. They were standing on strange legs. Daren was flat drunk. He could barely walk. The plan was to park him in a chair inside of Mo’s while they partied.

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