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For the next 60 days I will be sharing a chapter a day of my first POP EROTICA novel. Bang Bang Bang, A summer of sin in Brooklyn.

Chapter Ten

They crawled out into the Brooklyn night. The humidity was a perfect, thick sheet of summer pressed down from the darkened sky. The night air was filled with desires and wants. Everyone they passed seemed to be on the prowl. They ran into a group of old friends and stood around for a few minutes talking about nothing. They also decided that Mo’s was a good idea. Mo’s was packed beyond any kind of human recognition. Sardines would be an understatement. Brenton squeezed his way through the crowd. He ended up face to face with the redhead.

“Are you stalking me?” Brenton asked smiling as he rubbed up against her. “Not yet,” she said looking him up and down as a pair of soft hands slinked around her waist from behind her. The redhead pulled Brenton closer. “Life is good, but it can’t be this good,” Brenton thought to himself. Before he knew it he was being caressed by two sets of hands.

“Who is your friend?” Brenton asked.

“This is my friend Maria, she’s visiting from Miami,” the redhead yelled. “It’s easier if you whisper,” Brenton whispered into her ear. “What?” “I can hear you better if you whisper.” Maria took Brenton’s hand into her palm. Her palms were a little damp. Brenton’s mind went straight to her crotch. “Her pussy must be so juicy,” he thought to himself.

They were all so full of alcohol, and the music was just pounding against their bodies that the only thing they could think of was fucking. But it was illegal to fuck on the dance floor so they tried their best to do everything except.

Maria pulled Brenton behind her. The redhead turned around and faced Maria. They started making out. Brenton felt her ass pressing against his raging erection. Maria took his hand and placed it on her thigh then slipped it between herself and the redhead. She pressed his fingers into her lap while she gyrated. He felt the plush juicy mound of flesh and almost lost his mind. The redhead pulled him into their kiss. Max was amazed.

Maurice was dancing with a young lady with a nice respectful distance between. Daren was fast asleep out front on one of the couches snoring up a storm. The song ended. Maria and the redhead did not notice. They kept grinding, they kept kissing. Brenton was the envy of the entire room. A few guys even gave him approving looks. He shot them a wink.

His index finger and middle finger were fully married to the insides of Maria’s juicy pussy, while his left hand had a full pound of the redhead’s ass crying out for dear mercy. DJ Hard Hittin Harry. DJ Hard Hittin Harry droned out the speakers. Then came Prince’s, I Wanna Be Your Lover. Half way into the first line the redhead had had enough.

“Let’s go to my place,” she said eagerly.

They hurried out through the side door. Brenton didn’t even say goodbye. His boys understood. This was kind of a long standing tradition. They would all go out. They would all get drunk. They would go home to their women and Brenton would go home with some chick he met that night. They stumbled into 99 Lafayette, at no point did they ever let go of each other. They choreographed a beautiful walking kiss. The elevator was one of those old elevators that could barely fit five people. In the middle of kissing Maria slipped down onto her knees, between Brenton and the redhead, Brenton and the redhead were so focused on each other it was as if Maria was not even there. “Mmmm, no panties,” Maria licked her lips as she claimed a mouth full of the redhead’s clit. She rubbed her hand along the front of Brenton’s pants. “Mmmm, you are packing there mister,” she mumbled with her mouth full. Before she could unzip his pants the elevator bell rang. Ding. She shot up. Brenton was kissing the redhead’s neck. Maria pulled them slowly by their hands toward the apartment door. She could barely keep her balance in the narrow hallway. The redhead handed Maria her keys. Maria joined in the kiss for a few seconds before she opened the door. That kiss served as a don’t leave me out of this to both Brenton and the redhead. Brenton was truly looking forward to this re-acquaintance.

They entered the dimly lit apartment. Brenton paused as Maria took the redhead into her arms. He let them kiss for a while, for now he just wanted to watch. Their kiss was getting more and more intense. The music from the club was still in Brenton’s body. Something in the back of his mind kept telling him he was missing an amazing party.

Maria shoved the redhead onto the bed. She fell back giggling. Her tube dress was the perfect length just below her ass, so that as she fell the entire mouth of her vagina was exposed. She wiggled a bit as she eased the dress over her ass and spread her legs slowly. Maria crawled toward her like a panther stalking her prey. The redhead was breathing slowly.

Maria’s dress rode up over her ass and exposed what looked like a perfectly shaped diamond cleft of vagina being held together by the thin fabric of her underwear. Brenton unzipped his pants and held his dick in his hand. The sound of his zipper got the attention of Maria and the redhead. Maria looked back and saw him, his dick bursting with tension.

She cupped the redhead’s ass with both hands and pulled her closer then she used her right hand to shift her panties to the side. She was soaking wet. If it was possible Brenton got even harder. Brenton took his thumb and pressed it downward in Maria’s pussy and moved it around gently across her g-spot. He could tell he was hitting the spot by the sounds Maria made; by the way she moved her body when he hit a certain place. He bit into her ass cheek. He pulled his thumb out and wiped the juices across the redhead’s lips.

Maria flashed her hair from side to side as she planted her head into the redheads pussy and pressed her tongue slowly into the sweet tangy rift and valleys and flicked her clit a few times before she looked up and asked, “You like that?” The redhead gyrated upward as Maria planted her head in her crotch once again. Brenton took his shirt off, then his pants. He had no underwear on. Had something to do with touring and not wanting to worry about having clean underwear. He joined Maria as she feasted on the redhead’s clit. They took turns. Then they got their strategy together. Maria dove deep with her tongue while Brenton focused on the clit.

As the intensity built in her loins the redhead reached out and pulled Brenton onto her face. She took his balls into her mouth, while she jerked his dick. Maria saw this and joined in. While Brenton straddled the redhead’s face Maria sucked the meaning out of his dick, he reached over her back and fingered her quietly from behind. Brenton got a little uncomfortable when the redhead flicked her tongue through his ass. The sensation was good but it was not his cup of tea.

In his mind Brenton was like, “What the fuck. Why is this even an issue? I am here with two chicks and I’m thinking- her putting her tongue in my ass is gay?”

Before Brenton could have another thought Maria started kissing him. He pulled her closer as she removed her tube dress. All Maria kept thinking was she wanted his dick inside of her. She slowly coaxed him off of the redhead’s face and laid him down on his back and straddled him. They were still kissing. The redhead felt left out. Maria reached back and took his dick into her hand and was about to plunge it deep inside of herself when she felt another hand. It was the redhead.

“I hope she is not thinking what I think she is thinking,” Maria thought to herself. Turned out the redhead wasn’t. She took Brenton’s dick into her mouth and gave it a few once overs to make sure it was nice and ready. Maria looked back and smiled a naughty smile as the redhead slipped a condom into her mouth and with no hands slowly unfurled it onto Brenton’s dick. Maria’s heart pounded with expectation as the redhead gently placed it inside of Maria’s warm, wet, dripping pussy. As Maria slid down the redhead took Brenton’s balls into her mouth. Brenton was in heaven.

Maria thought about her ex-boyfriend and how he was never open to something like this. The redhead was in total bliss; she and Maria had been lovers for many years, they had always spoken about having a threesome but never knew how to put it to their respective boyfriends. So here they were both fulfilling a deep desire while sharing a special moment with each other.

The redhead hugged Maria from behind and kissed the nape of her neck as Maria rode Brenton at a slow and steady pace.

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