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For the next 60 days I will be sharing a chapter a day of my first POP EROTICA novel. Bang Bang Bang, A summer of sin in Brooklyn.

Chapter Fourteen

Maurice stumbled through the front door reeking of alcohol; right behind him was Daren and his ‘friend’ Sheila. Maurice meandered through the passage into the living room. It seemed as if he was getting drunker and drunker by the minute. Those shots from Mike had slowly crept up on him; it was as if the shots had been waiting for him to get home to start working.

“Dude, what are you doing with this girl man?” Maurice said barely audible, his eyes half shut.

Daren looked at him with disgust. “What do you mean?”

Maurice looked at the young lady. She was semi-drunk. Her eyes filled with wanting. She held onto Daren as if he was her long lost lover.

“So you not gonna tell her?”

Daren widened his eyes. “Tell her what?” he shot back. “We are just gonna stay down here and talk!” A little bit of his sass came out.

Maurice shot him a cold stare. “Whatever dude,” and walked off.

Daren and Sheila sat on the couch where Max and Amanda had their episode. In truth Daren had no intention of having sex with Sheila; he just wanted to make out with her. Daren had this strange thing about him, whenever he drank it seemed he became straight or something like that. It was chemical; he had never been able to explain it but sometimes he thought that deep down he might be bi.

Maurice sat at the bottom of the stairs for about an hour before he dragged himself to his bed. He fell out cold as soon as he hit the sheets.

Sheila was not as drunk as she let on. She was running the game most women ran, she had planned to fuck someone tonight but she needed a cover. In the morning she could definitely say she was drunk. After making out for an hour, she had to make her move. The sun was going to rise soon. She rubbed her hand slowly over Daren’s dick while they kissed. Daren was turned on but he did not want to take it any further than just kissing. She used her other hand to undo her top. Her breasts were enormous. She pressed Daren’s face into her cleavage. Daren loved breasts. He dove in and inhaled. He wanted to stop but she stuck one nipple into his mouth and patted his head while he sucked. She kept rubbing the front of his pants. Then slowly she unzipped it. They started building a kind of rhythm between them. His dick was in her hand. Her nipple was in his mouth. He had her ass awkwardly in his grip. Her other hand was stuffed into her pussy digging and scooping at a flawless tempo. And Bang. They both lost all sense of who they were, where they were and what they were doing. In one svelte motion they ended up in a sixty-nine position with Sheila on top with Daren’s dick in her mouth. She sucked it with a vengeance. She had not seen or touched a real dick in ages. Daren looked up and saw the plump mound of flesh sticky with cream; he was a little skived out. But the Alcohol was speaking so he was like, “fuck it” and decided to go for it.

With his eyes closed and his heavy tongue barely out his mouth he slowly pressed his face upward but before he could get a taste he lost his nerve and chickened out. She pressed her entire undercarriage down onto his face. He shifted to the side. Her vagina slammed into his ear. Was her vagina loud? Yes it was - it was turned up to full volume. He eased her off his head and slowly stuffed two fingers into her, then three, then four, then, “Oooooh shit!” Daren had never had his dick sucked like this.

She sucked his dick with such reckless abandon that it inspired him. He curved his fingers in on her g-spot and went to work. They did not realize it but they were making so much noise that they woke Amanda. Amanda was on her way downstairs. Daren and Sheila were so engaged that they did not hear a thing. All they knew was each other. She licked and sucked and he entered and exited her, with a kind of primal randomness that was beautiful. And just as Daren hit Sheila’s sweet spot and she felt the power of a damning orgasm raging through her body she arched her back like a cat and squeezed her cheeks as tight as she could and took Daren’s entire dick into her mouth and slowly eased back and right there in that moment, Amanda stepped into the living room. And Bang. Daren shot off into Sheila’s mouth. Sheila gagged and raised her head and looked Amanda dead in the eyes with her mouth full of warm cum. Amanda hissed at her. “What the fuck?” Rolled her eyes and tramped off. Sheila did not know what to do or say. Daren was in a daze, he did not fully realize what had happened. He knew someone had walked in on them but he was too exhausted to think about it so he just passed out from exhaustion and started snoring.

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