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For the next 60 days I will be sharing a chapter a day of my first POP EROTICA novel. Bang Bang Bang, A summer of sin in Brooklyn.

Chapter Seventeen

Brenton walked sluggishly down Lafayette toward his apartment, he lived at 139 Emerson, in a penthouse apartment with a sweeping vista. From his roof he had a three hundred and sixty degree view of all of Brooklyn plus the Manhattan skyline. In the summers his roof was the place for parties. There is something magical about being on a roof in Brooklyn watching the sun set over Manhattan.

His head was still a little foggy. His mouth dry and talc-like, he needed some liquids, but there were no stores close by. He struggled on. Then all of a sudden he felt a switch fly inside his body. It was like his sixth sense got turned on. It was as if he was bitten by a sensory bug, his skin prickled. The hairs on the back of his neck stood up. Was he about to faint? For a second he thought he was, but then he looked back. And there in the sunlight jogging toward him was this figure, this person wearing a silhouette of light.

He was fully awake now. Brenton had no idea who she was but for some strange reason he felt something. What that thing was he could not describe. But it was something he was not familiar with. She moved something inside of him. As she got closer he knew exactly what it was.

“Ah,” he tried to get her attention and for the first time he could not find the words.

But she must have felt him too because as she passed him she slowed then stopped about ten paces ahead of him. She turned and they were both frozen in a bubble of their own. She pointed at him. And Bang. He was under her spell.

“Where do I know you from?” she asked narrowing her eyes.

The old Brenton kicked back in. “I was about to say the same thing, have we met before?” he said walking toward her like a deal maker.

“I am sure we have, I’m Emily, Emily Dangerfield.” There was an evil glint in her eye.

“Mm Dangerfield, I like the sound of that.”

“Now do you?”

“Mrs. Emily Dangerfield right?” He toyed with her. “No, just Emily Dangerfield, but if you want to change that, that could be arranged,” she said with a knowing smile on her face.

“Ooooh,” Brenton said looking her up and down. “I like the sound of that.”

Her form fitting spandex left nothing to the imagination. For a second there Brenton was nervous. She looked him up and down while playfully walking around him surveying his parts.

“So what’s your name Mr. I like the sound of that?”

Brenton was sure he had met his match. He smiled. She was fit and limber and pliable. He already saw them together in bed; he had a quick flash of himself giving it to her in the shower.

“Brenton Allen,” he took her hand.

“Brenton Allen, why do I know that name?” She looked at him closely.

“I don’t know, time travel maybe, I went to the past and introduced myself to you so that when you met me today you would feel like we knew each other.”

She gave him the oh really face but his idea was pretty amusing so she smiled.

“Well I have to finish my run.” She turned to leave, this was a part of her game, she was only checking to see if he was going to let her leave.

Brenton held on to her hand. “I think we should definitely exchange numbers,” he said in his best Black James Bond voice.

“Should we?” she said as she pulled her hand out of his and walked a few paces away.

She knew he was watching her ass roll. She was a master. If she was a painter she would be Salvador Dali. Brenton’s heart stopped in his chest. He had wanted many women in his life but none the way he wanted Emily right now.

She stopped and bent over showing off her flexibility. She almost touched her forehead onto her knee as she reached into a secret pocket close to the ankle of her spandex pants and pulled out a card. She looked back at Brenton through her legs and thought to herself, “New client? Or new lover?” She was not sure, maybe both.

She turned and walked toward him throwing her hips from side to side as if she was in a movie. It was silly really, but in that moment for both of them it was perfect, it was right. She knew she had him. He knew he had her. She slipped the card gently into his hand. And Bang.

He was slipping his dick gently into her. She gasped for air, as his warm dick parted her on the inside. It seemed as if they had been transported from Lafayette Street straight onto Brenton’s couch. Her spandex pants around one ankle as she straddled his lap and rode him slowly.

“Hold, hold, hold on one second,” she barely got the words out.

“Shhhh, just-just-just keep, oh my God.”

Brenton was in the pussy of a lifetime; who was this woman? She was moving so slow and with so much purpose that if his dick had Braille on it she would have been able to read it with her insides.

“One second, just one second I promise.” She paused and picked up her phone. Fixed her hair and dialed.

Brenton could hear the phone ringing on the other side. A male voice picked up. She looked directly into Brenton’s eyes as she placed her finger on her lips.

“Hey honey I am out jogging right now and I see this,” she looked Brenton up and down, “this sweet little thing and I was wondering if I could…”

“Go ahead,” the voice stated nonchalantly. “See you later, I think I may go visit Keisha, is that cool?”

“Of course, tell her I said hi, see you soon, love you.”

The voice on the other end said, “Love you too babe.”

Brenton’s dick got harder when he realized what was happening. He was inside this woman and she was on the phone with her boyfriend telling him she was going to fuck him. But Brenton needed confirmation.

“Was that your boyfriend?”

“Yeah, I had to tell him.”

“Who are…”

“Shhh…” She cut him off, leaned in then whispered in his ear. “Just shut up and fuck me, fuck me real good.”

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