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For the next 60 days I will be sharing a chapter a day of my first POP EROTICA novel. Bang Bang Bang, A summer of sin in Brooklyn.

Chapter Eighteen

By mid-afternoon Sophie was bored. Max was passed out on the couch. He was nursing a slight headache. He had all the blinds closed. She did not want to disturb him. Her mind ran on Meghan. She paused for a moment and took a deep breath as she decided to call.

“Hey Sophie how are you?” Meghan was a little hesitant. She and Sophie had not spoken about what had happened at Outpost. They had spoken a few times since but avoided the issue.

“What are you doing today? We should hang out, talk, and by the way thank you so, so much for recommending that therapist.” Sophie sounded happy and free, not like her regular controlled self.

“She’s amazing right?” Meghan said enthusiastically.

“She is so honest about everything; you will not believe how much she has helped.” Sophie chimed back in.

“Let’s go to Outpost for brunch,” Meghan said in a soft tone.

“Outpost… hmmm…” Sophie was flirting uncontrollably.

They both had the same thought at the same time but they both put it out of their heads in the same instant. Meghan closed her eyes to recall the sweet smell of Sophie.

“How about you come over here and I’ll make you brunch,” Meghan had a slight tone of authority in her voice.

The subtle command in Meghan’s voice turned Sophie on. Sophie knew exactly what that authority meant.

“When do you want me to come?” Sophie said softly.

“Come now, I just got up, I am about to jump in the shower, the door will be open.”

Sophie thought to herself, “LORD.” She fainted a little in her chest. Her poor little heart started beating really fast. That first encounter had happened to a more reserved Sophie. She started plotting in her head exactly what was going to happen the moment she got to Meghan’s place.

Brenton was sprawled out on his couch. Emily was still sitting on his dick with her body falling over to the side. They had both been exhausted, him from drinking the night before and her from running earlier. It was almost 1pm.

“Shit!” He jumped to his feet; throwing off Emily’s legs as he stood up.

His dick slid out of the condom and the liquid inside spilled onto the floor. The condom was still half way inside of her. Still partly asleep she pulled the rest out and plopped it on the floor. Brenton was hurrying to get his clothes on while trying to find paper towels to clean up the spill. He was supposed to meet KEV at Pillow on Myrtle at 12:30pm, he had totally forgotten. He was dressed and ready to go in a few minutes.

“I’ll be back in a few,” he said as he was about to go out the door.

“You leaving?”

“No, I just have to go meet this guy for like ten minutes at Pillow and I’ll be back.”

“Come here,” her voice soaking with yearning.

Brenton’s dick jumped in his pants as he heard her moan. She was not horny, after all they had just fucked to exhaustion, but she wanted to prove to herself that she was the boss.

As he walked back to her from the door she spread her legs open and started rubbing her clit gently. Her eyes still closed.

“Come here.” She pointed to a spot on the floor.

He stood in the spot. He was standing next to her face. Her moaning was animated now. Somehow she was able to unzip his pants with her teeth and reach into his pants with her tongue and started sucking his dick. Her mouth on his dick wiped his mind clean of his meeting.

Sophie walked into Meghan’s apartment carefully. She could hear the shower running.

“Hey Sophie I’ll be out soon, have a seat, there is freshly brewed coffee in the pot if you want.”

“Ok,” Sophie replied.

She made herself a cup of coffee and sat on the couch and waited for Meghan.

“What are you doing here Sophie, why are you trying to hook up with your best friend? What kind of a person are you? Ok, ok calm down and stop judging yourself. We will just have brunch, sit and chat like we always do, just like old times.” This is what Sophie was saying to herself when Meghan walked out of the shower. What Sophie did not know was that Meghan had planned this whole thing out. Sophie didn’t realize that there was no brunch in the kitchen or on the table.

When Meghan walked out with all that steam coming off her goose pimpled flesh it hit Sophie. “This bitch!” She smiled, Meghan had never been afraid to go after what she wanted. She walked over to Sophie and stood in front of her. Sophie quietly placed her cup on the floor and slinked into the couch. Meghan removed her towel and mounted Sophie slowly.

Twenty minutes later and Emily’s ankles were next to her ears while Brenton was grunting his way to a full bodied orgasm. She felt the semen as it shot out of him and sent a shiver through her body. She knew it then. She had him. She smiled softly as she patted his head and rubbed his back. Brenton had once again forgotten that KEV was waiting for him at Pillow.

His phone rang. It was KEV.

Brenton mumbled in to the phone. “One second. I’ll be there in like five minutes I am just up the street, see you soon.”

“Whatever nigga,” KEV hissed without an ounce of care in the world.

Brenton hurried out the door.

Sophie was on the bottom of a 69 looking up at Meghan’s juicy pussy. Meghan had been licking and nibbling at Sophie’s clit for a few minutes now and the more she licked and sucked the wetter Sophie got. Sophie took her first mouth full of Meghan’s vagina and knew intuitively what to do. She did not particularly know exactly what to do but she knew what might feel good. So she pulled Meghan’s ass all the way down onto her face and went to work.

She pressed her tongue into her as deep as she could. And she licked and slurped and nibbled and kissed and fingered and stayed at it until she could feel Meghan trembling while her insides tightened. Meghan came a few times, one big one then about five small ones. Sophie could not touch her for a while. They lay next to each other with not much to say.

“So what are we doing?” Meghan asked hesitantly.

“I, I, I have no idea Meg.” Sohpie thought about Max. She smiled for a moment. “Maybe they could have a threesome. Nah, it would be weird.”

“I think we should definitely not do this again, I mean I totally love you Sophie, you know, like, like a sister. Not like a sister-sister cause that would be gross. But I love you Sophie and it seems like this is going to destroy our friendship.”

Meghan turned toward Sophie. Sophie kept looking up at the ceiling.

“I don’t think it will.”

Meghan did not agree. “Eventually our feelings will get in the way Sophie, plus you are engaged, what about Max? What would Max think?”

“Max, Max I think he would probably be into something like this,” Sophie said as she turned toward Meghan. “We have been friends for so long, I can’t see us not being friends.”

“I know, but sometimes…” Megan wanted to continue but Sophie caught her mouth with her lips. They kissed for a while then lay in each other’s arms for the rest of the afternoon.

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