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When You Finally Fuck Your Childhood Crush

It’s so interesting what happens when you fuck your childhood crush.

Whether it be the captain of the football team from 8th grade or the artsy, emo guy from college, the point becomes real interesting. Somehow after years of silence and missed connections I found myself laying in bed with one of my long time crushes. He was initially the guy I thought I might marry. Mind you, I thought this when I was twelve years old. I even thought at twelve that he’d be the first guy I would ever kiss and have sex with. None of those things happened as I fantasized. Life got real REAL! We changed. Our situations altered. Ummm...well, we grew the fuck up....separately. Even still, years later, post college graduation circa 2007, with my former roommates in the living room, I found myself laying in bed with him talking about our past. We had "randomly" ran into each other weeks prior and exchanged numbers. So we're in bed, talking about our shared past. Then we kissed....because of course at some point in our life, the two of us were "destined" to kiss. Then we had sex. We didn’t "fuck," persay. It wasn’t raw or aggressive enough for that. We didn’t "make love.“ Nothing of me was invested in anything that took place. It was more that this was inevitable. At some point Dawson and Joey would kiss even though, we never thought they’d get around to it in season one. So of course the fomer captain of the football team from 8th grade who had been my childhood best friend kissed me and I kissed back. We kissed and that was wonderful. He’s an excellent kisser. Then we had sex. And I don’t recall much. I recall it simply being sex. I don’t think I had an orgasm and if I did, I’d bet money that I faked it. He left soon after and since then our conversations have been as rare as they were before we had randomly ran into each other after all those years. The kiss fulfilled my childhood fantasy. The sex proved to me that junior high crushes should simply stay there unless they’ve been a Dom for ten years or invented a new, vulgar yet yummy sex act. This happened again.

Many years later. A college crush that left me pinning and frustrated and then ambivalent reemerged in my life post graduation. Somehow that manifested into sex talks and a rekindling, now on both our parts, of desiring each other. The circumstances were not ideal when we finally did have sex. I was tired. I wanted more warning of his visit. I would have liked to have done so many things differently. Hell, he didn’t even go down on me. But perhaps because we’re all older and by we, I mean me. And perhaps because I’m different and all those things that lead to you understanding things more… The opposite effect happened. Well in some ways. His kisses were just as wonderful as my junior high crush. Both were as passionate, intense and full of desire and pleasure as I had fantasized about for so long. But this time, with this long removed crush, the sex left me sore, bruised and wondering just what the fuck happened. The good kind of "wtf." Like, did he just come here and fuck me on my living room floor? Did he demand I stop fucking back and just take his dick? Did he really say all those things? Did he kiss my ass and call me a goddess?

Its just so interesting what happens when you engage in childhood crush fucks.

Has your life ever led to you kissing a childhood 10 years after the fact? I want to know the details. Did the reality match the build up?

Sheena LaShay is a Wild Magical Woman, Intellectual Sensual Shaman, and Creative Artist. She writes for, Owning Pink, Verizon Wireless, Bodybinds and is the Co-President of the Pole Dancing Bloggers Association.

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